10 more Tips for Setting Up a Productive Bedroom Office in your home

Tips for Setting Up a Productive Bedroom Office in your home

My original article on “7 Tips for Adding a Home Office inside the Bedroom” was a great success, so here are even more tips on creating the perfect bedroom office combo!

While having a designated room for your work sounds ideal, not everyone may have that opportunity. If you work from home, you may find that you need to utilize another room in your environment to provide yourself with a functional office space.

Many remote workers are finding that the bedroom can double as a great working environment, as long as the space is set up efficiently.

In this article, we will cover 10 more of the best tips for setting up a productive bedroom office.

1. Declutter Declutter

The first step to creating any new space is to declutter. Give your room a fresh start by going through your belongings and parting with things you don’t need or use anymore.

Decluttering is not only beneficial for creating more space, but it is also beneficial to your health and productivity. Studies show that clean spaces help to reduce anxiety and increase energy.

2. Remove any distractions

While you’re decluttering your space, take a look at some of the things in your environment that may distract you from working. Many people have technology or other entertainment readily accessible.

If you have a TV in your bedroom, consider facing your workspace away from its view. Other activities or technology should be stored out of sight so you aren’t tempted to use them.

3. Organize your belongings

The belongings you have chose to keep in your new bedroom office should be properly organized. Organizing helps keep your area clean and your mind on-task.

To stay productive, you’ll want to place your work essentials at or around your desk and organize unrelated activities away from this area. Group similar items together like pens, paper, etc. to also make things you need easier to find.

4. Create extra storage space

Consider investing in some extra storage if you don’t have some already. Cubbies, baskets and shelves are just a few of the ways you can store your extra belongings while giving yourself some more space.

If your environment is smaller, providing places for storage is going to be truly essential for organizing and keeping your bedroom office clean. When everything has a designated place you will also feel less stressed and distracted while working.

5. Focus on Efficiency

As an office, your bedroom is no longer just about comfort, but about getting things down. As such, focusing on efficiency in terms of the layout is critical. Make sure everything is well within reach. Choose furniture designs that improve accessibility, such as L-shaped desks and plenty of shelves.

6. Maximize your space

While drafting some potential layouts, try to find some creative ways to utilize your space. If your room is smaller, look for alternative options like multi-purpose furniture. Some people switch to a Murphy bed or create their office area in the closet where it can be hidden after each use.

If these aren’t reasonable options for you, we recommend simply placing your furniture against the walls to create more open space in the center of the room.

7. Take advantage of natural lighting

Working under natural light is not only beneficial to your eyes, it is also extremely beneficial to your overall health and productivity.

The sun’s light provides vitamin D that helps you sleep better at night and focus more during the day. When it comes to working from home, you’ll definitely want to create your work space by a window if you have the option to do so.

8. Keep it clean

It is scientifically proven that clutter creates stress and reduces your ability to work successfully. Creating healthy habits like organizing your belongings and designating storage spaces will help you to keep your new bedroom office clean. We also recommend choosing one day out of the week to tidy up your space and maintain productivity.

9. Make it comfortable

If you’ve ever worked in an office building before then you know just how dull and un-motivating a work space can be. Luckily, working from home is quite the opposite as you get the amazing opportunity of designing your own office space.

Choosing items that are functional but also provide comfort is essential for your success. This is especially true for items like an office chair where you’ll be sitting most of the time. Choose something that is both ergonomic and comfortable.

10. Boost your own morale

When you work from home you have to be your own boss and cheerleader. Keep yourself motivated by placing a few things that inspire you or boosts your mood around your office space. Whether its an inspirational poster or a few house plants, some non-work related objects can actually be quite beneficial for your productivity. (10)

If you can follow these 10 tips then setting up a productive bedroom office will be an easy task for you. Remember to have fun and be creative with your ideas. Your work space is meant entirely for you so design it however you like it.