27 Reasons for you to travel at least once in your lifetime

Reasons for you to travel at least once in your lifetime

2022, a year a lot of us understood a lot about ourselves. A year we discovered an interest in things we never knew existed. For some, it was the greatest year of their lives and for others, it wasn’t. For a lot of travelers too, it was not the greatest year in terms of traveling.

Honestly, I didn’t hate it even though our travel plans had been blocked due to the protocols that had been initiated for a good reason. 2021 is here now though. Vaccines have come up and despite some general scorn, we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that this year turns out to be great.

Well if you are in that group of people who understood how much moving about means, then this post is for you.

If you are in that set of people that understood how much you missed traveling, this post is for you. And last but not the least, if you are in that set of people who found an interest in traveling which you had not found before or maybe you feel you have an interest but no motivation to travel, this post is for you.

So here are a set of reasons, well not reasons, experiences put into words that we think every human must experience in their beautiful lives at least once. And I think traveling is the way to go to experience em all in the best way possible.

So here goes…

You get to have full-blown adventures

When you read books and watched movies, haven’t you ever thought or dreamt of going for adventures like those yourself? I know that I definitely have. Famous five and secret seven were two of the mystery novels that I was completely attached to.

The way they camped, the way they moved about various places solving mysteries, all made me understand how much I would love that too. Traveling brings a sense of thrill to your life.

It allows you to explore and discover many new things. In fact, the journey itself will be an adventure. And every adventure, small or big, is definitely worth it, in the story of life.

You learn to adapt

Traveling instills in you an ability to adapt to anything. It leaves you better equipped to handle unpredictable changes that come in life as we move forward. Surely the one thing that everyone knows is that all things never go as planned. Especially if you have perfected your plans to the last detail.

The good thing is that once you start traveling, you realize that you’re gonna have to give up that sense of complete control. And you know, it isn’t such a bad thing. Sooner or later, you might even start welcoming these changes over the predictable routines and schedules.

Many times have we walked out of restaurants as they did not seem like how they were in photos. And there have been plenty of times that we just stopped by a restaurant without looking into its details and google reviews and we were surprised by the amazing food that they had.

This is what happens when you travel, sometimes, everything works out, maybe not the way you planned, but in a better way.

You start prioritizing self-care

Another thing that traveling helps you with, is yourself. Yes, you read it right. Sometimes it’s easy to ignore what’s good for us while trying to find the most convenient way out. Traveling helps you realize that you need to start taking care of yourself properly.

You’ll be almost forced to stay fit. But it’s not just physically. It helps you gain more control of yourself mentally too. And trust me guys this is true.

There is this scene in a movie that I personally love a lot in which the actor says, “losing human relations can be quite painful but if you thought that the beauty of life was confined to just the human relations, then you will never be able to enjoy the amazing creations God created for you”.

Sometimes, it even helps you realize some qualities within yourself that you never even knew existed. Who’s to say that you aren’t one of the greatest explorers, navigators, or artists? You won’t know till you’re compelled to try those things yourself. And traveling is one of the best ways to find out.

You discover nature love

Traveling also helps you appreciate the beauty of the things that surround you. You’ll slowly start understanding the beauty and value of nature. It won’t suddenly come out of nowhere after your first trip of course. I believe it’s almost a three-step process.

First, you’ll be awed by the beauty of amazing creations around us. And then you’ll slowly realize how much you rely on the different works of nature. For example, sunrises help me start my day in the best way possible.

And watching a sunset is like having a perfect yet calm ending to your day. And the last step being, you develop a craving to experience this more.

You become less of a tech freak

In today’s world, each of us is being driven towards technology too much. Be it the dining table, be it with friends, or be it even during a sunset at the beach, it’s hard to stay away from that phone. This is where traveling becomes a great idea.

It helps you tone down your dependence on technology. Traveling helps us understand the real needs of technology. How it is there to support us and not rule over us.

It also helps us realize the true beauty in front of our eyes than to keep searching for it in devices that were made to just help man.

You become aware of a higher power

Traveling’s definitely gonna make you aware of a higher power than yourself. It can take you to greater spiritual levels if you give it a shot. I’m not talking about religions of course. But when you are traveling, you’re going to see some sights that amaze you and maybe even move you to tears.

It may be a work of nature or it may be an unexpected gesture from a stranger. I can’t tell you what it’s going to be. But you’ll never know either unless you get out there and try to find it yourself.

If you are amazed by it and if it opens your mind to new levels, well there you go, maybe life wasn’t just about the things you thought it was all about. This leads me to the next point.

You find yourself being more open minded.

One of the best parts about traveling is getting to experience different cultures around the globe. You would not even need to travel across countries, maybe inside your state itself, you might be able to experience the diversity. The state of Kerala is a beautiful example of diversity.

Inside this beautiful state, you will find all kinds of people with different slang yet the same language. They share different cultures, different values, different beliefs, yet all of them belong to the same state that belongs to India. As you travel around, you will meet a lot of people and their cultures.

You’ll definitely find some quirky ones that make you laugh, and some that you’re going to want to have in your own life. Learning about different cultures also opens your mind a lot. It becomes easier to understand people and their many concerns. You will start appreciating others more too. Isn’t that kind of… wonderful?

Your social skills shoot up

It’s a given that you’ll meet so many people on the way. You might even come across fun behaviors of your own friends that you never knew existed. You will definitely come across new friends, new people and get to talk to a lot of people hearing their stories and perspectives of life.

Of course, there are going to be some people who you can’t wait to get rid of. But in the end, it is all amazing. And since the Earth is round, you might even meet some old friends with whom you thought you’d lost contact forever.

Moreover, if you’ve ever felt like you lacked social skills, traveling’s your best chance to gain some. You’ll be meeting so many people with whom you will have to communicate.

You’re going to have asked them for information and favors and you’ll even have to do so unabashedly. There are also going to be times when you need to help them out. So, if you’ve ever felt awkward in front of a huge crowd, you know what to do now

You will become a great storyteller

And these people, these places and some of these cultures are going to give you so many memories to think about. This ultimately bears stories to dictate. There are going to be so many incidents, both painful, funny, sad, and happy that you will want to relive them again.

You’ll want to recreate them in such a way that the people around you feel these experiences as profoundly as you do. Soon, you’ll know exactly what makes a good story good and a bad story bad. (Because let’s face it, you’re definitely going to tell them more than once.)

Even when there are disasters along some of your way, it’s all going to combine and make one heck of a good story.

You’ll get to lead a life you love

Every day goes by so fast and sometimes, it’s easy to feel that there is no meaning in this passing of days. When you start traveling, you’re not going to find any difference in how quickly the days go by. If anything, it’s only going to be faster. But you will start valuing each moment.

There’s this quote that I love.

“You’ve gotta dance like no one’s watching, love like you’ll never be hurt. Sing like there’s no one listening. And live like it’s heaven on Earth.

William W. Purkey

That’s the sort of goal that traveling can accomplish for you.

Eventually, you’ll realize something. That if you don’t live your life out how you want, there are going to be some deep regrets that will haunt you later. Don’t force yourself to travel of course. But if there is even a small part of you that wants to, don’t stop it. You don’t want to mess with regrets, trust me.

You get free currency education

Another good thing about traveling is that you’ll start getting very good with money. You’ll know the currencies, how much they’re worth and how much you want to pay for something you’ve just seen.

The gullible don’t get to keep their money safely anymore. (Hmm, maybe the gullible never did have a chance to keep their money safely.) But it’s easy to get cheated by fake notes and really low conversion rates. So, this keeps your money in your pockets.

You get to pick your favorite climates

Oh, the climates. And no, I didn’t add this point just in case there are any meteorologists reading our post. Traveling allows you to experience the different weathers and climates and fully understand both the pros and cons of each. Like I hadn’t ever seen proper snow till last year.

And to a person like me, it just seemed magical. But after living here for a while, I know how annoying it can get, especially if you have a car. Ooh, this also applies to rain. It’s so nice to imagine dancing in the rain but you’ll realize all the problems you have with it once there’s a blackout.

So, the good thing about traveling is that if you don’t want to stay for the harsh winter in your place, you get the option to move to a warmer place for the time. You also can settle in a country that has a climate you love. Like if you are a person who loves the heat, the middle east is your country.

If you love snow, countries in Europe shall satisfy you. One of the countries i love a lot and want to settle later in life is Japan. You can work as a digital nomad as you go or you can find a lot of ways to earn money from work as you travel.

You become everyone’s go-to

You also soon become a handy person to have in difficult situations. Because when you start traveling, you slowly start learning small things that you normally wouldn’t have bothered with. You’ll pick up things from here and there and you’ll learn some things off the internet because you really do need it.

And this will slowly cause you to be the person who everyone wants with them if they’re stranded on an island. And although it may get tiring sometimes, it is a huge compliment too. It also fills you in with a lot of wisdom as experience with time grows into wisdom.

Hence you will gain a huge perspective on the world that you see through many different eyes.

You gain the freedom and independence you’ve always craved for

This is quite a good reason why you must start traveling. Traveling allows you to be self-sufficient. It also gives you a sense of freedom and confidence that you can do anything. Sometimes, it even allows you to do things that you thought weren’t possible.

The first time I traveled, I was almost intoxicated by that unfamiliar but quite welcome feeling of freedom and independence. And the best part about this is that you don’t always go wild with all the freedom either. You learn to have fun but at your own pace.

You learn to be responsible even when you know that you don’t need to be. And that surely is a great feeling.

You realize that home is everything

Now I’m not sure about how everyone feels about this point, but I personally have valued my home a lot more since I started to travel. After all your little adventures, you start knowing where you want to be at the end of the day.

When you’re out there, it’s scary and adventurous but the adrenaline rush through you is something you would never give up. But you also know that you want someone to tell all your stories too. You want to feel the comfort of home and your bed. That’s when you’ll appreciate being able to stay home.

You end up having a much much better family life

Family trips always reunite the family in ways you never expect. When traveling with your family, it’s impossible not to be happy yourself because you notice how happy everyone else is. Everyone discusses opinions and suggestions. Everyone tries to understand and plan together.

It’s quite exciting to have new experiences especially when you know that there are people with you to help you if you fall back a little. And let’s face it. You can also teach the young children a lot of things while traveling. And the young kids can always teach the adults that being wild, is not always bad.

You become a master of many languages

This one is a self-evident reason but is also pretty romantic… I mean, someone who can talk and sound good in more than one language? That’s indeed something.

Okay but more than that, it also feels pretty good to be able to converse with people in their native language. They feel comfortable and you feel pretty good. You won’t look too touristy either.

Traveling makes that possible without the added strain of classrooms and notes and tests (Yeah, I never believed in those).

You pick up new skills

It’s not just languages actually. When out traveling, you also find other hobbies you’re interested in. Some of them may be so attractive that you find yourself pursuing them seriously.

Sometimes, you may also find that you already have a flair for things you’ve never tried out before. To be honest, although I’ve always got good grades in English classes, it’s after traveling that I found out that I also seriously liked writing.

I found out that I like writing enough to want to publish my own book someday. So, go explore the world. And while that takes place, explore yourself too. 

You become fun at parties

Traveling helps you find your funny side. It helps you not take things too seriously. It even helps you to not take yourself too seriously.

Life is short after all and traveling helps you enjoy every moment of it. Traveling prepares you with lots of funny incidents to recount, whether it’s at parties or on dates, or even during normal conversations.

You discover that now you can dance a bit more freely, laugh a bit more loudly and make friends much faster.

Your confidence improves

After traveling for a while, you start to understand that you’re an amazing person to be. You have all the basic skills to survive in the world and you also know that you’re a good person. You find out that you know how to talk to people in any situation too.

And that’s when you start gaining confidence. Your self-esteem reaches a new high score because for once, you know that you’re enough. I’m not just saying this.

Before I started traveling, I was a shy person with not much to say. Right now, well it’s hard to make me stop talking now. This blogging journey is a direct result of that.

You improve your job prospects

Even if you don’t want to travel all your life and you want to settle down soon, traveling makes that easier for you. Traveling looks great on your resumes. And if you find that you aren’t able to count all the places you’ve been to on your fingers, that’s even greater.

Candidates with world experience and people skills are always appreciated, no matter what the job is.

The interviews also go great because you have all that confidence in you and because most people love hearing about the experiences that surely support the job’s criteria.

You can time travel

You’re going to visit places that still retain their glory from hundreds of years ago. It will almost be like time travel because some places and some things never change. For example, check out the Historic Williamsburg in Virginia or St Augustine in Florida.

These towns look like they haven’t changed even a bit over time. Even their people seem as they once were. And it’s not just towns. Monuments, paintings, all of these are ways to peer into the mind of man at that period of time.

So many of these are so well preserved that you can take photos before and after a 50-year period and the only one who’d have changed would be you.

You discover your extremes.

Yes, traveling shows you your extremes and pushes you to your limits. Or maybe, a better way to put it would be, traveling helps you understand that the extremes you set for yourself weren’t actually your true extremes. You learn to explore them.

We all know that once we begin traveling, there’s no way that we’re never going to be involved in some kind of adventure sport. So, through all these, you get to find out how extreme you can go before it becomes too much for you.

Not only that, you get to broaden your boundaries too over time. This also applies emotionally. You will find out how long you can stay alone before you crave human contact. How long before you want to return home. How awe-struck you can be.

You learn to deal with your fears

Traveling also allows you to be more mindful of your fears and other issues that you may have. It also exposes you to different situations so that you’re able to make a strong decision on what makes you uncomfortable and what doesn’t.

Like you may find out that you were never really that scared of spiders. Moreover, traveling also helps you overcome these fears by facing them headlong.

You find that you’re low-maintenance and it helps you set your priorities

While traveling, you also realize that you don’t actually need much to sustain. Sure, you may have lots of unwanted things piling up at home but you know that you don’t really need them.

When it’s time, you can be trusted to pack up only your essentials in a single bag and set out for the next adventure and that is when you identify your priorities.

That doesn’t just extend to material things. You know what you want in life clearly and there’s no stopping you.

Traveling is heaven for a foodie

Of course, food was gonna be on this list. If not for anything else, you’ve got to travel for the food. There are so many exotic and mouthwatering cuisines out there, just waiting for you to try them out.

And no, ordering from an Italian restaurant doesn’t count the same way as eating Italian food in Italy. So, go traveling and explore different countries to at least satisfy your tastebuds.

Lastly, Traveling helps you earn money at your own pace

The reason I kept this for the last is that you should never start traveling to earn money. But if traveling is your passion and your day job is not serving you well. Then it’s time to switch careers into your passion and earn money at your own pace.

You can be a travel blogger, an English teacher abroad, or even a digital nomad. There are a lot of things for you to do to earn money while traveling. If you would like to read more about it, click here.

Beauty is around you, sometimes all you need to do is look.

Traveling is not just an interest nor a hobby. It is not just a passion or a thing that people do just for fun. Yeah, it is not anything that we have thought of in our minds as it has a different definition for each person.

But at the end of the day, all the different perspectives come together to just one motive, enjoying life’s moments in the best way possible, be it happy or sad.

If you have loved our post and want to suggest anything more or want to let us know any more topics you would want us to do a blog on, feel free to tell us through our email or the comment section below. We would love to interact and know more about you.

Also, it would mean the world to us if you took a bit of your time to explore our blog. We have ensured to include some of the best tips and advice for travel lovers.