Time to choose: New York City or Los Angeles?

New York City or Los Angeles

So it is going on in your mind too. The intensity of the battle between New York City and Los Angeles, between the East Coast and the West Coast. Well, if you do feel it too, then knowing that this battle has existed for years might be a relief. Chuck my dramatic introduction, let’s get on to the actual topic.

Many tourists and civilians will prefer New York’s passion to Los Angeles’s laze-around days. And yet many say that the way we enjoy life’s true essence in Los Angeles is much better than New York’s constant rush. Honestly, how do you choose between these two magnificent places that are both centers of human activity in the world?

New York City and Los Angeles represent the two extremes of choices available inside the United States. The choice of either being in a constant rush to be in a better position or just being content with what you have in life and believing that that is more than enough.

This makes any choice you make over the other, a permanent one. Both these cities are like two jealous high school girls, constantly vying for the attention of the entertainment industry, the fashion industry, and even the manufacturing industry.

So, if they’re there competing for your attention, too, then it’s time for us to help you out here.


New York 

People are constantly in a hurry here. They’ve got to catch the first train, the first cab, and the earliest flight. Life’s always busy.

Even if you don’t have a high paying job, there’s a good chance you volunteer while studying every extra hour you get. But that sense of passion is what gets them where they are. New York is a cultural melting pot. Everyone is accepted despite their nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

And that diversity and that recognition of diversity is what makes New York the city it is today. 

Los Angeles

Here, everyone’s laid back and relaxed. Stereotypically, Los Angeles is the land with all dreamers and no doers. But that’s not completely true. Everyone strives to follow their passions and make an honest living. Sure, you have your typical dumb people, obnoxious people, and/or pretentious people, but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be.

The best part is that everyone truly enjoys those little things in life like a sunrise or a sunset, the ocean breeze, and a hot cup of coffee.


New York

When you say New York, you think of the intense workloads and the high pressure. You will remember only a blur as life passes by. But in its own unique way, it’s quite exciting too. It’s definitely a place you want to be when you’re young. Everything’s a never-ending race against time.

And if you want to find out whether you’re a winner or a quitter? Try New York. Yeah, it is all about endurance while striving for your dreams at the same time.

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles is best known for its magnificent beaches. That’s got to give you some idea of the place. Everything’s relaxed and calm in the City of Angels. Here, you have time to take a walk every evening and time to wake up in the morning to make breakfast before you leave.

Yes, it might get too slow for some and too easy for others but there are ways to make up for that, too. After all, Los Angeles is not boring by any means.

Weather and the beach

New York City

There’s always someone complaining about New York’s snow and rain and how it’s downright hard to live here if you like clear paths. Though I must say, I personally love, adore, and worship snow. I was quite stunned when snow fell inside my coat for the first time.

Even though it was a rather strange sensation, I found myself laughing. So, I think I’m good. And the beaches in Los Angeles are well known, but New York City has a better water landscape. New York City is surrounded by water and the city just falls into place perfectly. Also, New York City beaches have much warmer water than Los Angeles.

Yes, that’s right. Los Angeles beaches are just there for displays.

Los Angeles 

The weather is just beautiful here. All year round it stays at the perfect climate and at the perfect temperature for us to enjoy life. The golden sands are just splendid. Though yes, the water is a bit colder out here than in New York. (Despite what you’ve come to believe from the countless movies and books.)

Did I also mention that there are so many opportunities for outdoor activities here in LA? Yeah, LA is the best way to learn what life’s all about in a quite non-conventional manner.

Cost of living

New York City

On average, the cost of living in New York is extremely high. It does differ from person to person, based on if you’re a student or a worker or unemployed. Oh yes, it also depends on how lucky you are. According to this article in Investopedia, the average rent in New York City is more than $3000 a month.

This also means that you would need a yearly income of about $50000 to be comfortable living here. However, it’s also a city with great job opportunities and better wages than anywhere else in the world. The minimum wage here is $15.00 per hour so I think the cost of living is worth what you work for.

Los Angeles

LA is also expensive but not as much as NYC. In fact, according to this survey, the cost of living in NYC is 27.9% higher than in LA. Also, this article in Investopedia states that the average rent for a one-bedroom would be over $2000. The competition among job-seekers is very high too.

But for students, this might go down because they’re more flexible with their needs. And the lower cost does tally with the minimum wage here, which is $13.00 per hour. 


New York City

You’ve got to admit, NYC has the best public transportation in the world. The subways are open and available 24/7. (It’s not just the transportation though. Everything is always open.) And everything in New York is just so… accessible. You can find almost anything you need within a small radius of your residence.

And there are lots and lots of cab/Uber drivers who are pretty flexible with their times too. You don’t even need a car. In fact, the problem with NYC would be that it won’t always be easy to find a parking spot.

Los Angeles

Yes, public transport here is bad. Let’s cut some slack though because LA is trying to improve it. And yes, the traffic is really a bummer too. But NY has its fair share of traffic too so it’s not really a point of comparison. Almost everyone here boasts about their beautiful cars.

There’s no feeling quite like a short drive down the Malibu coastline. And the weather does not add any additional problems to having a car.


New York City

NYC has been a major source of entertainment for the world for a long, long time. Where else do you have countless live performances which impart that feeling of being alive all the time?

NYC can boast of Broadway showsoff-Broadway shows, the NBA, breathtaking views from the Empire State Building, exhilarating performances at the Lincoln Center, and the list goes on. Museums and galleries are everywhere. The nightlife here simply cannot be found anywhere else. It sure is a dynamic city filled with action all the time. 

Los Angeles 

LA too has entertainment sources so amazing that it is bound to blow you away. From the countless live theatrical productions to Hollywood and Disneyland, LA is quite simply the land of dreams. They have exhibits and observatories worth mentioning, too.

The beaches here are almost national icons and even a photo here can make your vacation look amazing. They even have a cemetery for Hollywood celebrities who once worked at the Paramount Pictures Studios. Also, just think of all the possibilities for shopping and romantic getaways.


New York City

New York City has basically anything you would want to eat from every part of the planet. You get to taste the culinary delight of every land. And you can order them at 3 am and still get it. You wouldn’t even have to walk a lot to reach a restaurant as various cuisines are available almost everywhere.

Once you’ve been there for a while, your problem isn’t if you’ll get something mind-blowing to eat but which of the mind-blowing places would you want to go to.

Los Angeles

Other than for the whole curfew thing, where there’s a respectable time after which you simply cannot order food, LA is a great place for food too. Sure, you may not have all of NYC’s fancy options, but you’ll certainly have delicious food available so that you wouldn’t mind missing out on the knives and forks. LA is also the best place to get some amazing street food.


New York City

New York City can brag any time for its incredibly safe community. According to this article, the crime rate in NYC is just 6.2% which is something not many places in the world can boast of. With its incredibly safe atmosphere as well as the great sights and attractions, it’s a great place for solo female travelers.

That being said, you should still take care of yourself and retain all the safety precautions you normally carry out. And even though there are always people around you in the city, the suburbs might still not be a great idea.

Los Angeles

The crime rates are definitely higher here than in New York. But keep in mind that it is still the 5th safest city in the US. You would do well to watch your back but I wouldn’t ask you to go all paranoid over the precautions yet. It’s a clean place and it’s got its own share of large crowds.

Yes, downtown LA as well as nighttime trips in remote areas might encourage you to take more precautions. But the Los Angeles Police Department is pretty efficient enough. (Has anyone seen Lucifer, by the way?)

New York City or Los Angeles?

I’m going to disappoint you here bigtime. 

Yes, I can’t choose. Both these places have their own share of culture, art, food, entertainment, and pretty much everything. But they are both so different too. They have unique perspectives and unique people in them. It all comes down to your opinion on them. I’m not going to say anything and influence your choice. Nope, no way.

I really feel like the stage of life you’re in heavily influences the choice, too. If you’re still quite young and you don’t mind being rushed and having really crazy nights, NYC is the place for you. But if you’re at that point in your life where you realize that you need to get more out of life than you’re giving it, LA might just be that final choice.

But whatever you decide, you’ll realize one thing on the path to that choice. Both these cities, New York City and Los Angeles are great and worth going to at least once.

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