Most Expensive Massage Chair Brands and models (You Probably can’t Afford)

Most Expensive Massage Chair Brands and models

Let’s face it, most of us probably can’t afford a $10k massage chair. But if you can, there are some seriously wicked models out there for those looking to bring a personal masseuse home, pampering and improving your wellbeing on demand.

Here are the best and most expensive massage chair brands and models you can buy in 2023.

1. Bodyfriend (Model: LBF-750)

Most Expensive Massage Chair Model
  • Price (for LBF-750): $30,000
  • Most Impressive Features: Vital signs measurement, fingerprint authentication, Lamborghini-licensed design, 4D rollers, SL track, multi-channel surround sound

Kicking off the list with a bang is Bodyfriend’s LBF-750, a massage chair that will pamper your body head to toe while you ride shot gun in a Lamborghini. . It’s the fruit of Bodyfriend’s collaboration with Italian luxury car brand Lamborghini.

A Los Angeles-based company, Bodyfriend is a Korean healthcare technology group founded in 2007. Since then, it has won numerous awards including the CES 2019 Innovation Award Product for the LBF-750. Bodyfriend owns 70% of the market share for massage chairs in South Korea.

Known as the Lamborghini massage chair, the LBF-750 has a mindblowing $30,000 price tag. This is more than the double the price of the second most expensive massage chair that I’ve found. True to its name, the LBF-750 has the same alluring design and bold colors of a Lamborghini.

Complementing its sporty looks are top of the line features. For example, it automatically detects the user’s unique body shape and vital sign measurements to give a personalized 4D massage. 

Bodyfriend operates its own Medical R&D department, so many of the features you find in their products are exclusive to the brand.

2. Family Inada (Model: Therapina Robo)

Family Inada Therapina Robo Massage Chair
  • Price (for Therapina Robo): $14,400
  • Most Impressive Features: AI hybrid massage mechanism, automatic shiatsu point search system, 5-finger massage technique, heating function, facial recognition, voice adjustment

Taking the second spot is Family Inada’s latest release, the Therapina Robo, which goes for a cheap $14,400.

Family Inada was established in 1962 by the inventor of the automatic shiatsu massage chair, Nichimu Inada. It has several award-winning models like the H.9, which became Time Magazine Invention of the Year.

The Therapina Robo is the result of Family Inada’s almost 60 years of experience. This innovative massage chair claims to have surpassed the human hands with its AI hybrid mechanism. In its survey with 616 participants, 61% chose the quality of the massage that the Therapina Robo can give over actual practitioners.

To make the AI hybrid mechanism even more effective, there’s a body type recognition function. The AI also analyzes the condition, shape, and size of the muscles to deliver the perfect massage. 

Buyers can choose to concentrate the massage on a particular area. You can also opt for one of the many programs available from healthcare programs, rejuvenation programs, stretches, and posture correction.

3. Daiwa (Model: Supreme Hybrid)

  • Price (for Supreme Hybrid): $12,500
  • Most Impressive Features: HybriFlex, 6D roller, 12 massage programs, heated knee massage

The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid is another luxury massage chair with an equally expensive price tag.

Daiwa is a Japanese brand that has been creating quality products for more than 35 years. They create space-saving massage chairs using incredibly dependable YKK zippers and Saffiano bicast leather.

The Supreme Hybrid stands out for its ability to give a Yoga-like deep stretch with its 49” L-shaped track and inversion stretch. It also boasts of being the world’s first 6D massage chair and having a patented leg rest for a heated knee massage.

Affluent buyers can take advantage of 36 built-in massage programs which Daiwa created in collaboration with professional massage therapists.

This eye candy of a massage chair also has a space-saving round shape that goes well with the stylish textured finish and hard shell color accents.

4. Panasonic (Model: MAJ7 Real Pro ULTRA™)

Panasonic Model: MAJ7 Real Pro ULTRA Massage Chair
  • Price (for MAJ7): $12,000
  • Most Impressive Features: Body scan, infrared heating technology, real-time 6-position and force micro processor, 158 manual massage combinations, advanced lower core massage

For a steep price tag of $12,000, the ostentatiously rich-looking Panasonic MAJ7 is yours for the taking.

Panasonic is a trusted brand that has been around since 1918. In 1935, it introduced its electromagnetic household massager. Since then, it has been constantly striving to provide outstanding customer experiences through innovative products.

One of their breakthrough innovations is the Real Pro Ultra. This is a back massage mechanism that simulates human hands. It uses pressure sensors to detect the muscle tension levels and tailor the massage accordingly. According to the company, it can even reproduce the delicate movements required for Japanese calligraphy.

For a rejuvenating experience, the MAJ7 simulates the feeling of a hot stone massage using infrared technology. It also uses a variety of massage techniques like shiatsu and deep tissue kneading to target the acupoints. 

5. Infinity (Model: Imperial)

Infinity Imperial Massage Chair
  • Price (for Imperial 3D/4D): $12,000
  • Most Impressive Features: App functionality, air ionizer, spinal correction, zero gravity recline, chromotherapy lights, lumbar heat, body scan

Snagging the fifth place is Infinity’s Imperial, a massage chair with refined looks and luxurious features.

Based in Seabrook, New Hampshire, Infinity is a fairly new name in the massage chair industry. Though it was only established in 2010, it’s already making waves with high-tech wellness products.

Their Imperial model for example is controllable using either their wireless controller or an app which is available on both Android and Apple. To make you feel extra fresh and relaxed, there’s a heated lumbar massager, an air ionizer, and chromotherapy lights to help balance your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental energy.

Just like the Supreme Hybrid, the Imperial has a zero wall space-saving technology. This means that you just need to put it 4” away from the wall. 

6. Fujiiryoki (Model: Cyber-Relax JP-2000)

Fujiiryoki Model: Cyber-Relax JP-2000 Massage Chair
  • Price (for Cyber-Relax): $11,300
  • Most Impressive Features: 5D AI mechanism, 86 types of kneading movements, triple mode air system, various stretch functions, multi-heater

Next is Cyber-Relax, a top notch massage chair created by well-established brand Fujiiryoki.

Fujiiryoki is a Japanese brand that dates back to the 1950s. In 1954, the founder, Nobuo Fujimoto, created the first Fuji automatic massage chair using recycled materials. Later on, they created the world’s first massage chair to only use airbags, the MC-133.

The Cyber-Relax contains Fujiiryoki’s more than 60 years of wisdom. For $11,300, buyers are guaranteed a gentle, deep, and thorough massage from the chair’s 5D AI mechanism. 

The AI has real-time monitoring so it’s able to tailor the intensity, skill, and smoothness of the massage. If that isn’t enough, the Cyber-Relax also has the S-line detection system and the shoulder position detection system.

Users can choose from 86 kneading techniques and a variety of stretches to get rid of body pain after a day’s work. If you live in a cold climate, you’ll love the multi-heater. There’s a heater for the waist, stomach, and feet area to keep you warm and make the massage more effective.

7. Zarifa USA (Model: Z-Smart Plus)

Zarifa USA Model: Z-Smart Plus Massage Chair
  • Price (for Z-Smart Plus): $11,000
  • Most Impressive Features: AI control, O2 ionizer, heated calf massage, app functionality, back width adjustment, three massage memory modes, zero gravity recline, SL track

For the 7th most expensive massage chair, there’s the Z-Smart Plus which is priced at $11,000.

This pricey model is engineered by Utah-based company Zarifa USA. It’s another fairly new kid on the block, having been established in 2008. It creates therapeutic medical-grade massage chairs and portable massagers.

The Z-Smart Plus’s claim to fame is its innovative AI system Alice. This programming allows for hassle-free control. Alternatively, you can use the LED display control and the 3D quick access controller.

This techy massage chair combines S and L tracks to massage your entire back as well as your thighs and glutes. Unlike with cheap models, these are actual nodes that provide deep tissue massage instead of just vibration.

Meanwhile, its hand massage technology can tackle even the smallest tensions and muscle cramps with its hand massage pads. You can also treat your tired legs and feet after a long day of work with the heated calf massage and advanced foot rollers.

8. JPMedics (Model: Kumo)

JPMedics Model: Kumo Massage Chair
  • Price (for Kumo): $10,800
  • Most Impressive Features: 4D massage rollers, zero gravity recline, heated knee therapy, precise body scanning, chromotherapy

Available for $10,800 is JPMedics’s pride and joy, the Kumo.

Founded in 1996, it’s a Tokyo-based brand that specializes in health products like massage chairs, vibration machines, and respiratory masks. Their massage chairs are manufactured and assembled in Japan.

The Kumo’s top feature is its combination of heated 4D massage system and advanced L track. With the Vario motion mechanism, this massage covers everything from the user’s neck to the glutes using human-like movements.

The heated knee therapy and tri-action reflexology rollers are must-tries if you’re on your feet a lot. It even has an automatic leg length detector so you can sit and relax without fussing with the footrest.

For back pain patients, there’s the zero gravity recline to decompress your spine and reduce painful pressure points. This deeply relaxing position also improves posture, improves blood flow, boosts the immune system, and helps regular high blood pressure.

9. Kyota (Model: M888 Kokoro 4D)

Kyota Model: M888 Kokoro 4D Massage Chair
  • Price (for Kokoro): $10,500
  • Most Impressive Features: J-track massage, foot reflexology, auto size leg extension, smart voice control, tri-zone heat, full-body scanning, air ionizer, three zero gravity positions, chromotherapy

Kokoro is the Japanese word for heart, meaning that you’re sure to fall in love with this sophisticated massage chair from Kyota.

Kyota is a reliable Japanese company that aims to provide an exceptional full-body massage experience to busy people wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It offers US-based service and support to take care of their customers even after purchase.

Out of all the deluxe massage chairs in this list, the Kokoro is the most flexible. It’s suitable for users 4’11” to 6’6” tall and under 300 lbs heavy.

This means that more people can feel the luxury of its dual in-out 3D back mechanism technology and unique J-track massage. This combines the benefits of S and L tracks so it can decompress the spine while still providing glute massage.

Like the Kumo, it has sensors that automatically resizes the leg extension for a hassle-free heated leg and foot massage. Even controlling the massage is no-fuss with options like voice control, a wireless remote, and easy arm controls.

10. Kahuna Chair (Model: HM Kappa)

Kahuna Chair HM Kappa Massage Chair
  • Price (for HM Kappa): $10,000
  • Most Impressive Features: Memory function, zero gravity recline, hyper SL track, app functionality, stretching auto programs, 4D massage system, heated lumbar and lower legs massage

Last but not least is the “cheapest” of the bunch, the Kahuna HM Kappa.

Kahuna is a brand under AJX Distribution Inc., a company that’s been around since 1994. It’s based in Cypress, California and has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as of this writing.

HM Kappa boasts of an intelligent and sensual massage that was developed using feedback from over 10,000 users. It has over 96 individual air cells to promote blood circulation and boost oxygen levels.

It also has a memory function so it remembers all your favorite settings for the heating, spine and foot roller speed, and air intensity settings. 

The 51.2” Hyper SL track reaches every inch of the spine. Meanwhile, the 4D Rhythmic Massage System is great for massages that move to your favorite tunes.

There you have it – 10 of the most expensive luxury massage chairs. With state of the art technology and sporty or classic designs, these chairs are worth investing on if you have the budget to spare.