What Does RTS Mean in Gaming?

RTS is an abbreviation that also appears in gaming and has a clear meaning there. Have you come across this term and want to know what RTS means? In our article, we will explain what it means and how to use RTS correctly.

What Does RTS Mean in Gaming

What does RTS stand for?

RTS is an abbreviation that means “real-time strategy”. This is the name of a game genre that can also be translated into real-time strategy games.

Real-time strategy (RTS) games require good analytical skills. The player must be able to understand the situation they are in, foresee possible consequences of their actions and then decide on the next step. In doing so, they want to reach the goal of the game before the other participants.

Real-time means that the other players in the game make their decisions simultaneously, not sequentially, as is the case in a turn-based strategy game.

In which situations is RTS used?

The abbreviation RTS is used to assign a game to this genre. This can be done when a new announcement is made, but also when describing a product that has already been released. This way, fans of RTS can explicitly search for such games. When sharing about favorite games, the abbreviation can also be used.

Examples of the use of the abbreviation RTS

  • These are the 10 best RTS games!
  • What is your favorite RTS?
  • The game comes out on 7/20 and is an RTS.
  • These RTS games are coming out this year.

Examples of well-known real-time strategy games

Among the best-known RTS is the Age of Empires series, which for example has produced the title Age of Empires IV in 2021. Many real-time strategy games also belong to the Warcraft universe of which Warcraft 3 released in 2002, is one of the most popular games in the genre. Another important game from the RTS genre is Starcraft 2, which still has add-ons released years later.