What Does Patch Mean in Gaming?

When we talk about games, the word patch is almost inevitable. But what is behind this word? What is a patch and where is this word used, we explain to you in this article.

What is a patch?

Video games are, at their core, nothing more than a bunch of computer code, and that code is always prone to bugs. That’s why, in order to fix bugs that pop up, games are always getting a patch (‘Pätsch’ pronounced) by the developers.

But patches aren’t just used to fix bugs. Online games also use patches to keep their content up-to-date and exciting. Among other things, buffs and nerfs are implemented, but also new content is brought into the game.

Sometimes developers also have to react very quickly to eliminate bugs. A patch with the goal of quickly fixing certain bugs is also called a hotfix. Hot stands for hot, because the solution burns the developers under the nails and fix is the English word for repair. Whereby one can also say that a hotfix is intended to fix.

Where does the term patch come from?

Patch is English and means patching. This fits well with the meaning in gaming, because a patch patches the faulty code in the hope that it will hold together and work better afterward.

Examples of the use of the word patch

  • With the new patch the game is finally playable!
  • The ability got a buff with the new patch.
  • Never play on patch day! (Never play on patch day! – This wisdom comes from the fact that patches can always cause new problems, which may then be fixed by a hotfix.
  • I’ll wait for the next patch for now.
  • The patch has completely changed the meta.
  • They should definitely patch that!