What Does OP Mean in Gaming?

You’ll often come across the abbreviation OP in discussions about video games. But what do these two letters stand for? What OP means and how to use it, we explain in this article.


What does OP mean in games?

The abbreviation OP (‘O Pi’ pronounced) stands for the English word overpowered (‘overpauerd’ pronounced). This usually refers to characters, skills, and items that are perceived as too strong and overpowered.

If something is OP, it usually means that it destroys the fun of the game. Especially in multiplayer games, it can be very frustrating to play against an overpowered opponent. Developers try to avoid something in their game being perceived as OP through buffs and nerfs, and are constantly looking for the balance between all the game elements that will satisfy everyone as much as possible (even if it rarely works). Some games also allow for OP mechanics to be reduced through ban systems and customizable rulebooks.

Examples for the use of the abbreviation OP

  • On the previous patch, the heroine was totally OP.
  • OP strategies like that really ruin the game for me.
  • My favorite thing to play with is the gun. It’s just OP!
  • When it comes to carpentry, my grandpa is really OP.