What Does Meta Mean in Gaming?

Meta has been a well-known word in Germany not only since Mark Zuckerberg. Especially in gaming, meta has its own meaning. In this article, we explain to you what is behind this word and where you can use it.

What Does Meta Mean in Gaming

What does the term meta mean?

The so-called meta-level refers to a higher level on a topic. In gaming, it is quite similar: the meta refers to a higher-level agreement between players on how a game is played. This means that the meta is not fixed, but is formed in the game by all participants.

A meta is usually created by certain data like the win rate with certain characters or items. There are even jobs in some e-sports games that are dedicated solely to analyzing metadata in order to predict the evolution of the meta and react accordingly.

For many games, however, meta also means an unspoken requirement to emerge victorious. If you don’t stick to the meta, it often becomes harder to win.

While developers can’t force the meta, they can greatly influence it through buffs and nerfs. A single patch can

Examples of the use of the term meta

  • The character isn’t in the meta at all!
  • The new meta is way too aggressive for me.
  • I always look at the meta beforehand.
  • With the new patch the meta has changed massively!