What Does low Mean in Gaming?

In team games, communication is key. That’s why code words like low are often used to communicate things quickly and effectively. In this article, we explain what low means and how it is used.

What Does low Mean in Gaming

What’s low?

Low is the English word for low. This word is meant to communicate that a character’s HP is very low. If a character is low, it means that it is almost defeated. It doesn’t matter if the character is a player or an NPC.

In team games, things have to happen quickly. It’s the same with communication. “I’m low.” is clearly quicker to say than “I’m low on life.” or other phrases. That’s why this English word has become established for this state of affairs.

The term has also found its way into youth language. When young people refer to something as low, they mean weak or low impact. So this is less about life points and more about a general classification.

Examples of the use of the term low

  • I need healing, I’m already pretty low.
  • The Boss is low. We’ll get him in a minute.
  • The joke was rather low.
  • That was pretty low of you.