What Does KD Mean in Gaming?

In games, things sometimes have to happen very quickly. That’s why abbreviations like KD are used to communicate quickly with each other. Here you can find out what KD stands for and what’s behind it.

What Does KD Mean in Gaming

What’s behind KD?

KD is an abbreviation for the ratio of defeated opponents to own failures. This ratio is called Kill/Death-Ratio. Kill is the English word for killing and stands for the defeated opponents. Death means death and stands for one’s own failures.

The KD is calculated by dividing the number of kills by the number of deaths. The higher the result, the better. It is important that the KD is at least 1. If it is less than 1, it means that you lost more than you won and you have to improve. Therefore, a KD smaller than 1 is called a negative KD.

Calculation examples for the KD

  • With 5 kills and 10 deaths, this calculation yields a negative KD of 0.5.
  • With 10 kills and 5 deaths, this results in a positive KD of 2.
  • With 100 kills and one death, you have an extremely good KD of 100.
  • With 100 kills and no deaths, there is no number for the KD for mathematical reasons. However, one can state that such a KD is perfect.

What is the KDA?

In some games there is an extension of the KD. The KDA includes besides kills and deaths also the so-called assists in the calculation. If you as a player are involved in the kill of another player, this is counted as support (quasi as an assist). It is usually not important how much you were involved in a kill.

To calculate the KDA, the assists are first added to the kills and the result is divided by the deaths. Again, the higher the KDA, the better you did in the game. You should also make sure that the KDA is not less than 1.

Calculation examples for the KDA

  • With 5 kills, 5 assists and 5 deaths, the KDA is 2.
  • With 10 kills, no assists and 5 deaths, this also results in a KDA of 2.
  • Even with no kills, 10 assists and 5 kills, the KDA is 2.
  • With 2 kills, 3 assists and 10 kills, the negative KDA is 0.5.