What Does HP Mean in Gaming?

HP is not only a tech brand but also a shortcut in gaming. But what is behind it? In this article, we explain the meaning of HP and where it is used.

What Does HP Mean in Gaming

What is the meaning of HP?

The abbreviation HP (pronounced ‘Äitsch Pi’) stands for Hit Points or Health Points. These are life points that indicate when a character is defeated in the game. Many characters are assigned a numerical value that must be brought to zero in order to defeat them. This numerical value is referred to as HP.

HP is often represented by a red or green bar. The less HP a character has, the more the colored part of the bar goes down. If the bar is colorless, the HP has dropped to zero.

Some games also use other abbreviations instead of HP. A particularly prominent example of this is games in the Pokémon series like Pokemon GO. 

Besides HP, there is sometimes a second numerical value that is used for the use of abilities. These ability points, usually shown in blue, are abbreviated MP for mana points. Mana is another word for magic.

Examples of the use of the abbreviation HP

  • I’m almost out of HP!
  • He’s got way too much HP. We’re not gonna make it.
  • In the new patch, they buffed his HP.
  • Anything with an HP bar is a boss.
  • I’m out, my HP’s empty.