What Does HoT Mean in Gaming?

Whoever reads the word HoT usually first thinks of the English word for hot. But in fact it is an abbreviation. In this article, we explain what is behind HoT and where the abbreviation is used.

What Does HoT Mean in Gaming

What is the meaning of HoT abbreviation?

HoT is an abbreviation for Heal over time. Heal over time refers to an effect where a character is healed over a period of time. Healing means that his HP is replenished.

HoT is mainly caused by abilities and buffs. So the effect remains, allowing the character to focus on other actions.

Examples for the use of the abbreviation HoT

The abbreviation is mainly used in chats because it is written faster. However, it can also be pronounced when the other players communicate acoustically.

Some examples of the use of the abbreviation are:

  • Can someone give me some more HoT?
  • My HoT has expired.
  • With the HoT she is really OP!
  • He also got a HoT after the patch.