What Does gg Mean in Gaming?

Gaming is often connected with a chat. And to communicate there, abbreviations are often used. The most popular abbreviation gg we explain in this article.

What Does gg Mean in Gaming

What does gg stand for?

gg (Malaysian pronounced “Geh Geh”) is an abbreviation and stands for ‘good game’. It can also be understood as a Malaysian abbreviation. Then it stands for ‘well played’.

It is good manners, especially in online gaming, to say or write a gg to the other players after a game has been played. This expresses that the game round was fun and fair. This convention is so present that even outside of games, achievements are honored with a gg. So, in addition to “Well played.”, the abbreviation could also be used to say “Well done.”

Since gg is often written at the end of a game, it can be used for that as well. In some games, gg is also used as a message to inform the opposing team of one’s surrender. Alternatively, the abbreviation ff is also used for this purpose.

Examples for the use of the abbreviation gg

  • “I beat the boss!” – “gg!”
  • Win another round, then gg.
  • If that comes out, then gg!
  • Crap, lost again! gg!
  • gg ez! – This expression is rather disrespectful to the other players, because “ez” here stands for the word easy. It means that the round was not challenging and that everyone except you played badly.