What Does FPS Mean in Gaming?

The abbreviation FPS has more than one meaning in gaming. So what is behind these three letters? We explain in our article what an FPS is and what else the abbreviation stands for.

What Does FPS Mean in Gaming

What does FPS mean?

The abbreviation FPS has several meanings. Most commonly, it is used to abbreviate ‘frames per second’. The English expression, which is pronounced ‘Fräims pörr secknd’, stands for ‘frames per second’. This number is used to measure how smoothly a game runs.

In principle, the more FPS, the smoother the game runs. For a good gaming experience, you should also be able to measure at least 30 FPS. For comparison: Movies also run at a frame rate of 24, 25 or 30 FPS by default, depending on the region.

Because of the refresh rate of monitors, the standard values in gaming are 30 and 60 FPS. However, monitors with a 144 Hz refresh rate can also achieve a corresponding FPS value.

Besides ‘frames per second’, there is another meaning: FPS also refers to the genre of First Person Shooter. This genre includes all games in which a large part of the gameplay is experienced from the first person perspective and revolves around firearms. The goal doesn’t always have to be to shoot down other game characters. There are also FPS games where the firearm is more of a tool than a weapon.

Examples of the use of the abbreviation FPS

  • The game only ran at 30 FPS for me.
  • On my computer it runs at a smooth 60 FPS.
  • There’s another new FPS out.
  • Antichamber is kind of like a puzzle FPS.
  • With such low FPS, I can forget about a positive KD.
  • These are the best FPS games of all time.