What Does ff Mean in Gaming?

Communication in gaming chats has to be fast. That’s why abbreviations like ff are often used. In this article, you will learn what the abbreviation ff means and when it is used.

What Does ff Mean in Gaming

What does ff mean in gamer speak?

The abbreviation ff has many meanings in gaming. For example, there is the game series Final Fantasy, which is traditionally also abbreviated simply FF. Friendly Fire, i.e. attacking teammates is also abbreviated by a double F. However, ff is most popular as an abbreviation for “I give up.”

ff is a short form of the English word forfeit, which means to give up. The origin of this abbreviation is no longer traceable, but in the game League of Legends you can find the chat command “/ff”, which starts a vote or answers positively whether to give up in the current game round.

Depending on the game, other abbreviations are also used. In single-player games such as Starcraft 2 for example, it is more common to write gg instead of ff to indicate the task. One of the reasons for this is that in such games there is no need to coordinate with the team.

Examples for the use of the abbreviation ff

Unlike other abbreviations like gg, HP, or FPS, ff is not found much in everyday speech. Mostly it is a single chat message:

  • ff?
  • ff
  • /ff