Elden Ring: Best Wand Locations and Values

In Elden Ring, you don’t have to be a mage if you want to use the best wand for your needs. Also, a very good wand at the beginning of the game is not necessarily the best later on. We took a look at the opinions of the community and reviewed the wands. In this article, we’ll give you our recommendations for the best wand for different needs.

Elden Ring Best Wand Locations

The best wand for the highest damage

  • Name: Lusat’s Shimmering Stone Staff
  • Tier: S
  • Spell Scaling Standard: 161-204
  • Spell scaling at maximum improvement (+10): 284-413
  • Attribute Scaling Standard: Strength D and Wisdom B
  • Attribute scaling at maximum improvement (+10): Strength C and Wisdom S
  • Required Attributes: Strength 10, Wisdom 52
  • Weight: 4.0
  • Passive effects: None
  • Additional info: FP cost increases by 50% which is why this wand won’t be popular with everyone.

A popular wand in the community is Lusat’s Shimmerstone Wand. This is largely due to its spell scaling, which allows it to deal the most damage. To take advantage of this, however, you’ll have to accept the steep increase in FP cost. If your Wisdom is higher than 80, we recommend switching to the Carian Royal Scepter (see below).

To get Lusat’s Shimmerstone Staff, you need to go to Sellia, City of Wizards, which can be found in Caelid. There you can solve the mystery of Sellia on one side and fight the boss pair the Nox Swordswoman and the Nox Monk on the other side. If you win the fight, you can open the chest in the boss arena and collect this wand. The following picture shows you the location of the fight.

A very good all-rounder wand

  • Name: Carian Royal Scepter
  • Tier: S
  • Spell Scaling Standard: 162-191
  • Spell scaling at maximum improvement (+10): 287-373
  • Attribute scaling standard: Strength E, Dexterity E and Wisdom B
  • Attribute scaling at maximum improvement (+10): Strength D, Dexterity D and Wisdom S
  • Required Attributes: Strength 8, Dexterity 10, Wisdom 60
  • Weight: 3.0
  • Passive Effects: Boosts full moon magic
  • Additional info: One of the wands where the increase in FP consumption when improving is very low.

This wand is the magic scepter of Rennala. If you win the boss fight, you will receive the Echo of the Full Moon Queen and can exchange it with Enia for the Carian Royal Scepter. Keep the following tips in mind:

  1. You can only upgrade this wand with Darkforge Stones. We recommend that you do this immediately after receiving it. If you bring the scepter to +5, it scales with wisdom to S, and that’s exactly what you want to achieve with this wand!
  2. As a wizard, you should duplicate the echo of the Full Moon Queen in a mausoleum. Otherwise you’ll have to do without her full moon spells and that would be a shame, because there aren’t very many of them in Elden Ring and it’ s exactly those that are boosted by the scepter.

The best wand for non-magicians

  • Name: Staff of the Half-Human Queen
  • Tier: B
  • Spell Scaling Default: 114-163
  • Spell scaling at maximum improvement (+25): 142-291
  • Attribute Scaling Standard: Strength D and Wisdom C
  • Attribute scaling at maximum improvement (+25): Strength C and Wisdom S
  • Required Attributes: Strength 6, Wisdom 10
  • Weight: 3.0
  • Passive effects: None

Not everyone who wants to cast a bit of magic for support wants to put a lot of points into the Wisdom attribute. If you want to find a wand that will be useful to you even in the low levels, then we recommend you to look for the wand of the Half-Human Queen. The following video will show you exactly what you need to do.

Before you go in search of this wand, you must first unlock the horse and also level up a bit. You will have to fight the great half-man queen, but she is not that difficult to defeat.

Once you have defeated the Great Sorceress, she will drop the Staff of the Half-Human Queen and you will have found it. On the picture above we show you the location of the ruin and if you want to see the exact way from the starting area to there and the fight, then watch the video above.

The best wand for beginner mages

  • Name: Meteorite Wand
  • Tier: B
  • Spell Scaling Default: 148-285
  • Attribute scaling standard: Strength D and Wisdom S
  • Necessary Attributes: Strength 6, Wisdom 18
  • Weight: 4.5
  • Passive Effects: Boosts gravitational magic
  • Additional Info: The Meteor Wand is only the best wand for the Satr of Elden Ring, as it cannot be upgraded. You will find better wands later.

The area we’re sending you to is not without danger. But with your steed you can ride through there quickly and save yourself the fights. That’s why you should also level up your character a bit first when searching for this wand. You’re also dependent on Stormwind. Don’t get off your horse in the swamp, otherwise you will die of poisoning.

Another important feature of this wand – it scales with S to Wisdom. If you have chosen the Astrologer class, then you will basically invest a lot of points in Wisdom. This will make the meteor wand better every time. Our assessment? Yes, the quest for this wand is worth it.