Elden Ring: Best swords and their locations

In this article, we will focus on the big and heavy swords in Elden Ring. These weapons are very popular in the community and also with us. Therefore, we want to give you our recommendations for the best swords in this category on your way through Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Best swords and their locations

The best greatsword that will keep you alive

  • Name: Blasphemous Blade
  • Category: Great Sword
  • Talent: Vampire Flames, FP-Cost 23 (-)
  • Weight: 13.5
  • Attack power physical: 121+ (296+ at maximum mend)
  • Attack Power Fire: 78+ (191+ at maximum mend)
  • Attribute Scaling: Strength D, Dexterity D, and Faith D (C, C, and B at maximum buff).
  • Required Attributes: Strength 22, Dexterity 15, and Faith 21
  • Passive effects: None

Actually, the Blasphemous Blade is good not only because it keeps you alive, but because this greatsword deals good physical damage for its weight class, which is also accompanied by fire damage. Also, since patch 1.04, the Blasphemous Blade‘s defense has increased so much that it’s a good substitute for a small but solid shield.

But what does it mean that the greatsword keeps you alive? On the one hand, the Blasphemous Blade has a weapon talent that deals area-of-effect damage and uses the flames it generates to suck LP out of your enemies’ bodies and feed it to you. On the other hand, it does kind of have a passive effect, as it regenerates your LP with every enemy you kill.

In our opinion, this weapon ranks up there with the best swords in Elden Ring, and we highly recommend you try it out for yourself. To get the Blasphemous Blade, you need to defeat the fragment bearer Rykard, who drops the Echo of Blasphemy. Follow the link to our guide to learn all about it. This Echo can then be converted into the Blasphemous Blade by Enia in the Round Table Stronghold. You can duplicate the echo in a mausoleum first, just to be on the safe side, if you’re not sure about your reward choice.

The best big sword for all classes

  • Name: Bloodhound’s Fang
  • Category: Big Scimitar
  • Talent: Cut, FP cost 8 (-12)
  • Weight: 11.5
  • Attack power physical: 141+ (345+ at maximum mending)
  • Attribute scaling: Strength D and Dexterity C (C and B at maximum buff)
  • Required Attributes: Strength 18 and Dexterity 17
  • Passive Effects: Triggers blood loss (55)

There are countless pockets of war in Elden Ring, but some are tied to a weapon. One of these is the weapon talent that comes with Bloodhound Fang. The advantage of this talent is that it delivers a powerful attack while simultaneously initiating a dodge. We say: This somewhat heavy Crooked Greatsword can also inspire a Dex build.

But the Bloodhound Fang isn’t just one of the best swords in Elden Ring because of the talent! It already scales well with Dexterity (C) in its unmodified form. If you improve it with the Darkforge Stones, you will reach a scaling with B from +7, which will stay. You can increase the scaling with Strength from D to C. This gives you a physical attack of 345+ when the sword is fully upgraded (+10).

We tested the sword against normal enemies, against bosses and in PvP and were satisfied with it in every situation. The additional blood loss that the bloodhound fang causes is another argument to call this sword one of the best. You can get it after defeating the Bloodhound in Seal Prison. The following picture shows you where to find it.

best big sword for all classes

The best sword due to the maximum damage

To determine the best big and heavy sword that has a very high damage output, we looked at Giant Swords and Great SwordsMost of these weapons scale most heavily with Arcane or Faith and Wisdom, so they may not be the best choice for a Strength build. There are exceptions, however, and here we’ll recommend two different swords and explain why.

Great sword of grafting

  • Name: GraftedBlade Greatsword
  • Category: Giant Sword
  • Talent: Oath of Vengeance 15 (-)
  • Weight: 21.0
  • Attack power physical: 162+ (389+ at maximum mend)
  • Attribute scaling: Strength C and Dexterity E (B and D at maximum mending )
  • Required Attributes: Strength 40 and Dexterity 14
  • Passive effects: None

The Greatsword of Transplantation has to be mentioned just because it **is very popular **with the Elden Ring community **- and rightly so. If you upgrade this sword to the maximum level (+10 with Darkforge Stones), you will achieve a very high base damage and a scaling with Strength of B. Since you need to level Strength anyway to be able to carry a heavy sword, you can deal a powerful damage with the Greatsword of Transplantation.

Of course, the Giant Sword also has disadvantages, because you can’t change the talent and the FP cost is quite high. But that’s not bad, because the weapon talent of the Giant Sword of Transplantation is also very good. It improves your attributes by 5 points each! This is exactly the bonus that the Great Rune of Godrick also grants you.

So with these two buffs you can get 80 extra levels! The weight of the sword doesn’t matter anymore and the disadvantage turns into an advantage. Our Opinion: The Greatsword of Transplantation is one of the best swords in Elden Ring.

If we’ve piqued your interest, then all you need to do is head to Castle Morne and defeat the Lion-like Beast boss. For this area, a level of 20-30 is enough, so you can get the best sword of this class very early in the game. The following picture shows you the location of the boss fight.

Great sword of grafting

Rubble Greatsword

  • Name: Ruins Greatsword ( Ruins Greatsword)
  • Category: Giant Sword
  • Talent: Wave of Destruction 19 (-)
  • Weight: 23.0
  • Attack power physical: 124+ (303+ at maximum mend)
  • Attack power magic: 37+ (90+ at maximum buff)
  • Attribute scaling: Strength B and Wisdom E (S and D at maximum mending)
  • Required Attributes: Strength 50 and Wisdom 16
  • Passiveffekte: Keine

Even though we in the editorial team are big fans of the Grafting Greatsword, we want to tell you about an alternative – the Rubble Sword. This Giant Sword has a lower base damage, but will achieve a S with Strength when upgraded to +10 (with Darkforge Stones).

What we also like about this sword is its talent. It is an area attack with a long range. With it, you can not only skillfully get rid of groups of enemies, but also keep strong enemies like bosses at a distance. Our opinion: The Rubble Greatsword is a very good alternative and you should try it out.

If you want to test this giant sword, you first have to defeat the boss on Red Mane Castle. We don’t mean Radahn by that! The actual bosses of the castle come in pairs, and they are the Lion-like Beast and the Crucible Knight. These two showed up for us when we already defeated the Star Scourge. However, you should be able to reach Castle Redmane before then.