Elden Ring: All Site of Grace Locations + Map

In Elden Ring, you can take a short break from the game at a place of grace and level up, equip spells, and much more. You can recognize the sites of grace by a shimmering stone, which is entwined with golden threads. As these quick travel points are only marked on the map once you have discovered them, we will show you here where you will find all the sites of grace in the Upper and Lower Worlds.

Elden Ring - All Site of Grace Locations
NumberSite of graceAdditional info
1South side of the Agheel lake/
2Ruins on the coast/
3Cave of knowledgeCan be activated during the tutorial.
4Cemetery of the stranded/
5The first step/
6Coastal Cave/
7Church of the Dragon CommunionCan only be reached via the coastal cave and has an altar for invocations of the dragon’s powers.
8Church of Elleh/
9Stormfoot Catacombs/
10Grove Cave/
11Limgrave Tunnel/
12In front of the gate/
13North side of the Agheel lake/
14Shoot Flow CaveHere you can find the dealer patches for the first time
15Shoal River Coast/
16Shoot Flow Catacombs/
17Catacombs touched by death/
18Holy Bridge/
19Highways cave/
20Holy Tower of LimgraveLocation of Godrick’s Great Rune
21Outskirts of the Deadwater Village/
22Gaeltunnel rear entrance/
23Third church of Marika/
24Artist’s hut/
25Fringes of cloud forestAfter the fight against Radahn you’ll find the hole to the town Nokron near here
26Ruins of a waypoint/
27West side of Haight FortressHere you can find a part of the Dectus medallion
28Hut of the War Master/
29Cabin at the storm hill/
30Tunnel to the castle/
31Margit, the cruel markAppears only after the fight against Margit
32Storm Veil Main Gate/
33Door side chamber/
34Storm veil tilting/
35Tower bridge of Limgrave/
37Chamber on elevator side/
38Remote cell/
39Godrick the transplantedAppears only after the fight against Godrick
All sites of grace in southern Limgrave

All sites of grace in southern Limgrave

NumberSite of graceAdditional info
1Morne lament graveAppears only after the fight against the lion-like beast.
2Next to the wall dungeon/
3Behind the castleCan be reached via a wall in the rear part of the castle.
4Morne Castle Elevator/
5Wall of Morne Castle/
6Next to the grove of craters/
7Catacombs of the Impaler/
8Victim bridgeWhere Irina was found.
9South of the observation tower/
10Outskirts of the suffering village/
11Earth Maw Cave/
12Morne tunnel/
13Grave Wall/
14Catacombs of the Tomb WallCan only be reached with stone sword key.
15Hut of the secluded trader/
16Fourth Church of Marika/
17Cave of the burial mound/
18Pilgrim Church/
All sites of grace in Liurnia
The area Liurnia is very extensive and therefore has by far the most sites of grace.

All sites of grace in Liurnia

NumberSite of graceAdditional info
1Sea Cliffs/
2Stillwater caveAccessible only by water.
3Strait of Liurnia/
4Crystal cave at the lake/
5Hut of the slumbering wolfOnly accessible via Crystal Cave at the Lake and starting point of Latenna’s Quest.
6South High Road of Liurnia/
7Catacombs at the foot of the cliff/
8North High Road of Liurnia/
9Gate city bridge/
10Vascular CastleOnly accessible via cliff and location of vascular child’s quest.
11Tower of LiurniaThis area can only be accessed through the Carian Teaching Hall.
12Sacred Tower of LiurniaThe location of the Cursed Mark of Death.
13Entrance to the teaching room/
14Artist’s hut/
15Eastern lakeshore of Liurnia/
16North side of the gateway city/
17Great Library of Raya LucariaAppears only after the fight against Rennala.
18Crystal Forests
19Crystal Cave of the AcademyCan only be reached with a key with a stone sword.
20Church of the Cuckoo/
21Temple QuarterFind the shimmer stone key for the academy.
22School classroom/
23Forum of the debate/
24South gate of Raya Lucaria/
25Gate city of the academy/
26Collapsed ruins of the lake country/
27Crab Cooker HutLocation of the Black Knight
28Picturesque island/
29Ruins of Laskyar/
30Stone pavilion by the lake/
31Cathedral of Manus CelesOnly accessible via the Moonlight Altar after the fight against Astel at the Rotten Lake (Underworld).
32Village of the AlbinauricsHere you can find a part of the Haligbaum medallion.
33Moonlight AltarCan only be reached after fighting Astel (encounter automatic during Ranni’s quest) (Underworld).
34Southern altarNear Chenola’s tower.
35Converted tower/
36Catacombs at the end of the road/
37Avenger’s hutInvasion of Edgar the avenger
38Main gate of the academy/
39Foot of the Four Bell Towers/
40The four bell towersHere are three portals that can be activated with magical stone sword keys.
41east gate bridge ramp/
42Wizard Island/
43Northern lakeshore of Liurnia
44Road to the propertyLocation of Iji the blacksmith.
45Rannis TowerCan only be reached after the boss fight in House Caria.
46Rannis chamber/
47Royal ObservatoryAppears only after the fight against Loretta.
48Behind the House of CariaCan only be reached via a wall.
49Upper level of the property/
50Lower level of the property/
51Main gate of the estate of Caria/
52The ravine/
53Church of Bellum/
54East gate of Raya Lucaria/
55Crystal tunnel of Raya Lucaria/
56Church of the vowsAbsolution can be given here at any time against heavenly congestion.
57Eastern Tableland/
58Ruins of the Labyrinth/
59Mausoleum siteTwo mausoleums without a bell are wandering around here.
60Catacombs of the Black Blade/
61Village of the Raging Flame – Edge/
62Church of InhibitionHere lies a dead maiden for Varré’s quest.
63Shrouded ravine village/
64Ruin overflowing abyssTake you through a tunnel to the Altus Plateau…
65Ruin Overhanging Abyss – Viewpoint
66MagmalindwormAppears after the fight against the Magmalindworm.
67Abandoned coffin/
68Disfigured catacombs/

All Sites of Grace in Altus Plateau, Gelmir and House Volcano

All Sites of Grace in Altus Plateau
The Altus Plateau is a large area that will take you to House Vulcan via Gelmir, and thus to one of the lords. 
NumberSite of graceAdditional info
1Big lift from DectusLead you to the Altus Plateau
2Altus Plateau/
3Crossing of the Altus elevated highway/
4Perfumers’ Grotto/
6Altus Tunnel/
7Tomb of the holy hero/
8Large forest bridge/
9Tree of splendor/
10Windmill Village/
11Windmill Hill/
12Road of Sin – Side Path/
13Schattenburg – Wall/
14Schattenburg – Inner Gate/
15Hall of the castellan/
16Bridge of Sin/
17First Gelmirl Camp/
18Volcano Cave/
19Ninth Gelmirlager/
20sin road/
21Audience Path/
22House VolcanoMain area during Rya’s quest.
23Mouth of the Thunder Stream/
24Church of the dungeon parishCan only be reached via the secret passage in House Vulcan.
25Guest hall/
26Rykard, Prince of BlasphemyAppears only after the fight against Rykard.
27Temple of EiglayAppears only after the fight against the boss enemy.
28Underground Inquisition ChamberCan only be reached via Gelmir or the Raya Lucaria Academy (hijacker maiden teleporter).
29Tomb of the Hero of Gelmir/
30Primeval Wizard Azure/
31Kidnapper’s MaidAppears only after the fight against the kidnapper maids.
32Hut of the hermit trader/
33Catacombs of Wyndham/
35Cave of the Wise/
36Lookout hill of the earth tree/
37Old Altus tunnelCan only be reached with a stone sword key.
38Thunder Stream CaveCan only be reached with a stone sword key.

All sites of grace in Caelid

All sites of grace in Caelid
In the rotten land of Caelid, there is not only a prince, but also the mystery of the City of Wizards to solve. 
NumberSite of graceAdditional info
1Star-Spangled BannerAppears after the fight against Radahn.
2Castle Square Red Mane/
3Chamber outside the square/
4Impassable large bridgeThe portal must first be activated to get to Red Mane Castle.
5Catacombs of Caelid/
6Cathedral of the Dragon CommunionPossesses altar for dragon powers.
7South High Road of Caelid/
8Dungeon Cave/
9North side of the fortress Gael/
10GaeltunnelConnects Caelid and Limgrave.
11Rot balcony/
12Smoldering church/
13Low Earth Tree Catacombs/
14Hut of the secluded trader/
15Western Dragon Mound/
16Holy Tower of Caelid – Center/
17Holy Tower of Caelid – Cellar/
18Deep well of the SiofraCan only be reached via Siofra in the Underworld.
19Ruins of Caelem/
20Smoldering Wall/
21Off Caelid’s North High Road/
22Marsh shore of Aeonia/
23Southern marsh shore of Aeonia/
24Heart of Aeonia/
25Inner Aeonia/
26Abandoned cave/
27Crystal tunnel of Sellia/
28Throne Crypt of Sellia/
29Alleyways of Sellia/
30Sellia’s Staircase/
31Church of the PlagueCan only be discovered after solving the mystery of Sellia.
32Sellia’s Hideout/
33Fortress FarothThere is a Dectus medallion page hidden here.
34Fork of the dragon hill/
35Dragon Hill Cave/
36Catacombs of the war victims/
37Lenny’s Tower/
38Great bridge of Farum/
39Sanctuary of the beastsThere sits the beast cleric Gurranq.

All sites of grace in Leyndell

All sites of grace in Leyndell
During the game you will get to Leyndell twice, but then the appearance of the royal capital has changed.
NumberSite of graceAdditional info
1Holy Tower of West Altus Gate/
2Holy Tower of West AltusLocation of Rykard’s Rune
3Low Earth Tree Church/
4Sealed tunnel/
5Outer wall – phantom tree/
6Outer Wall – Battlefield/
7Hut of the hermit trader/
8Side crypt of Auriza/
9Capital Wall/
10Tomb of the Hero of Auriza/
11Ostracism of the raging flameCan only be discovered through secret passage behind the altar in the Cathedral of the Lost.
12Cathedral of the LostAppears only after the fight against Mohg, the mark.
13Eastern Hauptstadtwall/
14Depth of the lostIn the sewer.
15Leyndell, Aschene CapitalCan only be entered after Farum Azula.
16Underground roadIn the sewer.
17Catacombs of Leyndell/
18Street balcony/
19Lower Town Band/
20Western Capital Wall/
21Manor house – first floor/
22Bridge of the GodsCan be found twice. Accessed via a teleporter box in Liurnia and in the Tower of Return.
23Refuge of the earth treeCan be found twice. First appears after the fight against Godfrey.
24Queen’s bedchamberCan be found twice.
25Elden ThroneCan only be found in the ashen leyndell.
26Split MarikaCan only be found in the ashen leyndell and ends the game.
27Forbidden LandsLeads to Rold’s elevator.
28Holy Tower of East Altus: Gate/
29Holy Tower of East AltusLocation of Morgott’s and Mohg’s runes.
30Isolated Holy Tower (bottom right)Location of Malenia’s rune, only accessible via Bridge of the Gods.

All site of grace on the mountaintop of the giants

NumberSite of graceAdditional info
1Great lift from RoldCan be used for Giants’ Peak and Consecrated Snowfield. Here you can reach the snow area.
2Ruins of Zamor/
3Tomb of the heroic giant slayer/
4Catacombs of the Giant Peak/
5Church of rest/
6Foot of the forge/
7Fire GiantAppears after the fight against Fire Giant.
8Forge of the giantsInteraction unlocks the Farum Azula area.
9Tombstone of the giants/
10White Ridge Road/
11Ruins of the primeval snow valley/
12Urschneeetal – Viewpoint/
13Sol Main Gate CastleAfter the boss enemy in the castle, you will find the second Haligbaum Medallion.
14Church of Darkness/
15Sol Castle – Roof/
16Icy Lake/
17Cave of the Spirit CallerAccessible via the icy lake.
18First church of Marika/

Consecrated Snowfield – All Site of Grace

Consecrated Snowfield - All Site of Grace
The Consecrated Snowfield is a terrible place to be, as you can’t see through the blizzard most of the time. 
NumberSite of graceAdditional info
1Secret path to the Hailig tree/
2Consecrated Snowfield/
3Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs/
4Inner Consecrated Snowfield/
5Tunnel of Yelough Anix/
6Decaying ruins of the renegadesFinal location of Latenna’s Quest.
7Ordina, City of LiturgiesPuzzle unlocks path to Halig tree.
8Cave of the lost/

The HaligTree and Elphael Brace – All sites of Grace

Haligbaum and Elphael Haligbaum - All sites of Grace
The HaligTree and Elphael Brace your way to the hardest boss enemy in Elden Ring. 
NumberSite of graceAdditional info
1HaligTree crown/
2HaligTree – City/
3HaligTree – Central market/
4Promenade of the HaligTree/
5Prayer roomIs the first place of grace in Elphael.
6SewerFinal location of Millicent’s Quest.
7HaligTree – roots/
8Elphael – Inner Wall/
9Malenia, Queen of RotAppears only after the fight against Malenia.

All sites of grace in the Crumbling Farum Azula

All places of grace in the Crumbling Farum Azula
The crumbling Farum Azula is only a small area, however it is very twisted and holds some sites of grace.
NumberSite of graceAdditional info
1Decayed beast tomb/
2Decayed Beast Tomb Depths/
3Storm Balcony/
4Dragon Temple/
5Dragon Temple – ElevatorOnly accessible via stone sword statue.
6Dragon Temple – Altar/
7Dragon Temple – Transept/
8Dragonlord Placidusax (Add)Appears after the battle against Dragonlord Placidusax.
9At the big bridge/
10Dragon Temple Roof/
11Maliketh the Black BladeAppears after the fight against Maliketh.

All sites of grace in the Underworld 

All sites of grace in the Underworld 
In the Underworld, you can explore the areas of Siofra and Ainsel
NumberSite of graceAdditional info
1Palace AvenueCan only be reached via Varré’s quest or a portal in the Consecrated Snowfield.
2Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance/
3Dynasty Mausoleum Center/
4Cocoon of the celestialDoesn’t appear until after the fight against Mohg, the Omen.
5Forest of the disciples/
6Under the well/
7Basin of the great casesAppears only after the fight against the Gargoyles.
8Aqueduct Cliffs/
9Siofra Riverbed/
10Forest of the ancestors/
11Sacred place of the night/
12Impersonator TearAppears only after the fight against the Imitator Tear.
13Ground well at Siofra/
14Nokron, the eternal city/
15Astel, the spawn of the abyssCan only be reached during Ranni’s quest and opens the way to the Moonlight Altar.
16Grand cloister/
17Bank of the Rotten Lake/
18Waterfall basin/
19Dragon Blood SoldierAppears only after the fight against the Dragon Blood Soldier.
20Nokstella, the eternal city/
21Lower reaches of the Ainsel/
22Lock gate of the Ainsel/
23Fountain bottom at the Ainsel/
24Main branch of the Ainsel/
25Comb of the great casesCan only be reached via the place of grace basin of the great falls in a coffin.
26Root dumpsCan only be discovered from the place of grace ostracism of raging flame with the help of an illusion wall opposite the place.
27Throne of the prince of the throneAppears only after the fight against Fia’s entourage.
28Root Fort/
29Nameless eternal city/
30Depths of deep root/