Why are gaming chairs so expensive in Malaysia?

A decade or two gaming was a much smaller reach offering some unique features to the gamers but today, gaming is much wider and millions of products are available for and around them. One of them includes big, easy, and comfortable gaming chairs.

The key to high gaming performance starts with superb solid support which can only be provided by gaming chairs. Gaming chairs keep the body in the right posture by aligning our spine with that it’s solid but comfy high back support. Not only is the design or look noticeable but some of the best gaming chairs in malaysia have major features like heavy padding, adjustable armrest, lumbar support, steel base, etc which makes them stand out from the rest. Meanwhile, all these upscale the price as well.

Compared to the most popular office chairs, gaming chairs are more expensive but people are still interested in buying them.

Let’s look at a few reasons below why gaming chairs are so expensive

Why are gaming chairs so expensive in Malaysia?

Here are 8 reasons gaming chairs are so expensive.

Reason 1- Quality

Gaming chairs come with a variety of different quality materials. We usually look for good bonded premium quality leather which affects the softness, airflow, and durability of the gaming chair.

If you have premium leather, you can expect your gaming chair to look authentic even after 3-4 years of use. With proper care and maintenance, the potency of the gaming chair expands when you use a quality product which increases the manufacturing price, and hence, the total cost of a gaming chair escalates.

Reason 2- Ergonomic Design

The ergonomically advanced design set that has a high headrest, broad shoulder support, adjustable armrest, high degree tilt, free smooth rotation, and so on adds to the total cost. Well, designs are one important aspect to look for when choosing a gaming chair since it adds to the interior patterns of your room and as we know, how we decorate our room says a lot about ourselves. So, why compromise with something that is a reflection of yourselves.

While some youngsters buy gaming chairs just for their design or looks.

Reason 3- Adjustability

Most standard chairs are made to fit an average person and if you are not among those, you face problems with placing your elbow at the desk while typing or maybe, the chair does not fit your desk. This causes discomfort and hence, decreases our efficiency at work.

Here’s the solution, most gaming chairs come with inbuilt adjustable armrests, height adjustability, head or neck support, back support, etc. Some even provide you with leg or foot support which adds to the ultimate comfort.

More expensive gaming chairs give you the feature to adjust various aspects of the gaming chair to ensure it fits your body perfectly. 

Reason 4- Durability

How long does a gaming chair last?

Well, it depends on how much you use it. Students or anyone who uses it for a few hours per day might end up using the product for several years without much severe harm. On the other side, the professional gamers or full-time players sit on the chair for long hours and have to move from one place to another frequently causing more fictional damage. The padding might be affected to a greater extent, decreasing its durability. 

Investing in a chair with greater durability can help it last longer.

Reason 5- Steel Framework

The ideal balance of comfort and elegance holds in the metal framework of the gaming chairs. The steel framework makes it possible for you to perform such major movements with utmost flexibility and without any breakage.

What’s more fabulous than this?

This robust steel frame ensures the chair won’t seem poorly constructed and adds a proper balance to it.

All these surges the cost of gaming chairs.

Reason 6- Padding 

Most users prefer the spongy and cushiony feel of chairs. This is attained only by a thick padding of premium quality material. The foam should have an extra rebound quality to push back to the normal position after we get up. 

Nowadays, padding comes with an extraordinary feature known as cold-molded foam padding. This cold-curing process traps air pockets throughout the slab enhancing high permeability for air exchange and the dissipation of heat even faster. This provides the best comfort and performance over time. Even after several years of use, a cold-molded foam seat will still look familiar and give the same comfort.

To put it simply, if you want lasting comfort, then you’re going to need to pay a higher price for it.

Reason 7- Stability

The key thing to notice is whether the chair moves smoothly when displaced from one place to another or does it lose its original shape and also, the weight distribution plays an important role.

The wheels are at the lower part. Does it get jam or work roughly? Then, this isn’t something we want.

Gaming chairs come with smooth movable movements using easy wheels. You can move across your room plainly without the fear of falling down or bending unexpectedly.

The more stable a chair is, the more engineering and arrangement went into it. As a result, the chair will be more expensive.

Reason 8- Size

Another reason to pay extra for a gaming chair is that gaming chairs are made to fit your body size and not your body to meet the standards of the chair. A well-fitting gaming chair will support the back, neck, and shoulders while comfortably sitting for long hours of work. Choosing the right sized chair will ensure you get the best body support which makes your expense worthwhile.

Gaming chairs come in numerous size and shape which includes small, medium, large, extra-large. This provides you with decent forms to choose from and is ideal for any age group be it kids, adults, or anyone by just adjusting the different movable parts and using them effortlessly.

Frequently asked questions

Do gaming chairs actually do anything?

Yes, gaming chairs can change your lives to a great extent. The supreme level of comfort that it provides is unmatched which no other standard chairs can equip you with. This increases your productivity and you can work at the same spot on the same chair for extended hours without feeling much exhausted.

Are gaming chairs not worth it?

Gaming chairs are not suitable at times. Firstly, if you don’t spend enough time sitting every day on the chair, there is almost no point in paying such a huge amount more than your own needs. Secondly, if you sit for long hours but have no back or posture issues then a gaming chair may not be worth buying either. Good posture is a habit that is built through practice. If you already have that habit inculcated within you, a gaming chair may make no sense to your work.

Finally, a gaming chair may not be worth it if you move from one place to another place very often. That’s because these chairs are very heavy, difficult to move, and tedious enough to set up everywhere.