The 10 best places to go for Christmas holidays

best places to go for Christmas holidays

If anyone asks me for my favorite time of the year, it surely will be the Christmas holidays. The excitement I have for this vacation is immense and it has been constant since my childhood. Maybe it’s the early belief I had for Santa Claus (okay if there are children reading this, he totally exists)

Or maybe it is the fact that I could wear a jacket to look cool (it actually worked a lot). 

My childhood was in Dubai because of which I never got to see snowfall. So, it could also be my fascination with the snowfall I often saw in movies and read about in books. Whatever it was, this festive season of December, lights everyone’s lives up, especially families.

And the smiles across the faces of children are just incomparable. This season is without a doubt the best time to go for that vacation you always wanted to. Also, everyone seems to be so much happy during this season. The entire globe celebrates because of which, the positivity beaming is hard to ignore. 

Hence, we thought of compiling a list comprising of the best places to go for Christmas holidays. We have been to some of these places while the others are on our bucket list. These according to us are the ten best places to go for Christmas holidays. And as I usually say, this is our favorite list and if you give the post a read, it might just become yours too😉

1. Krakow, Poland

The snow and extreme cold might make you feel right at home in this joyous season (I’m kidding). But there have got to be some among you, who like me haven’t seen much or even any snow in their lives. If you’re one of us, then this is definitely the place to be in this season.

If not, I think you’re gonna love this place anyway despite the cold (that’s the Christmas holidays for you). The biggest treat you’re in for when you go to Krakow is the amazing Christmas Market. Krakow is a place with many beautiful spots and many more beautiful events, which is why it is every traveler’s ideal destination.

So, it’s not just the Christmas market awaiting you. But we’ve got to say this. The Christmas market is one of the best in the whole of Europe and consequently, in the world.

The market square in the old town of Krakow would be decorated very festively, with hundreds of lights, plays, dances, and a massive Christmas tree. (I heard the words Massive Christmas tree and I was sold.) The entire place is buzzing with life and joy. You have got to put this on your bucket list of the places to go for Christmas holidays. 

2. Cologne, Germany

Cologne is a city that has a rich history and a promising future. The place has beautiful little houses, charming shops, and roads paved with pretty little stones. This is also another place which has a beautiful Christmas market, where you will always have plenty to eat and celebrate.

Although there are beautiful Christmas markets everywhere in the world, this is the one where you’re sure to feel something different, a memory that you can store from your Christmas holidays that will last your entire life.

But no place ever is complete without the curiosity of something more. If the Christmas market alone doesn’t compel you to visit Cologne this summer, then hearing about the different attractions there will be the seal binder. German shopping malls and beautiful ornate churches.

The birthplace of the 4711 original Eau de Cologne. Oh wait, did I mention the Chocolate museum? With actual people going around offering people chocolates. 

I’m sure that if you hadn’t believed in me before, you definitely believe in me now when I say that this is one place that you have to definitely go to this lifetime. So why not make it this Christmas holidays?

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Once again, there’s nothing more delightful than to watch the snowfall during the Christmas holidays. It makes the experience seem just so magical. If you’re able to catch one of those snowflakes and see their beauty up close, nothing can beat down your Christmas spirit for a month. 

And we found out that the best way to do this is by spending Christmas in Prague. Prague has got to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe without much argument. If it wasn’t enough that this magnificent city has sights and functions and parties all year round, it also gets all dressed up for the Christmas holidays.

The place gets filled with all kinds of Christmas markets, all amazingly lit up. And the food is just to die for.

You have got to be here as soon as possible if you’re the type of person who wishes that we had longer Christmases. (Oh, who am I kidding, everyone wishes that.) 

Why do you ask? Christmas holidays don’t end on Christmas day! It starts during the early part of December and only gets over by January. The whole city remains decorated just for us. Add in the various Christmas events that keep happening throughout the month, a clock tower, the Charles Bridge, and amazing parks. All of this makes sure that we never want to leave.

4. Leavenworth, Washington

Now, this is another absolute gem of a place. It’s a small town but due to the sheer number of tourists coming in every year, it’s also very crowded. It’s a beautiful place with lots of activities that’s open to people in every season. Yes, every season has something to offer you while in Leavenworth.  

The whole town has a slightly Bavarian approach and it is by no accident. The town’s authorities in the times of yonder decided that this would be the only way to get tourists back to its communities. But tourism is only a part of Leavenworth because Leavenworth is also home to many.

It’s got so many outdoor activities that are open to any adventure seeker. Hot springs, hikes, skiing, and water rafting, to name a few. 

But this isn’t even the best part of Leavenworth. There are many charming productions like the Farmer’s Market, plays and films, and local wine tastings. Christmas is the cherry on top. If you go to Leavenworth for Christmas holidays, you’re going to be astounded by the effort they have put in to create a small little heaven on earth. 

The Christmas Lighting Festival results in the entire village being illuminated with half a million Christmas lights. The Christmas markets here are also a lot of fun. There are concerts, museums, sleigh rides, and many more winter-themed activities which make this wonderful season even more joyous, regardless of whether you’re spending it with family or a special someone. 

5. McAdenville, North Carolina

McAdenville is a small but upcoming tourist destination with charming customs and even more charming people as residents. It is a place with a lot of unique things to do, see, and hear. The town is most famous for its lighting ceremony. It’s a lovely little ceremony that was started off by adorning trees.

It has led to all residents now decorating their homes with lots of fairy lights. The whole town dresses up for the occasion and we hear holiday music playing on each corner.

There are also lots of little towns nearby where you can visit so as to make a beautiful day even grander. It’s the most famous Christmas town in North Carolina and for good reason.

We also have every good reason to believe that not only will you love this place, but you will also never forget this magnificent display that people come from all over the country to watch during the Christmas holidays. 

6. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is an amazing city. It’s one of the busiest and one of the craziest cities in the world. There are so many views and so many experiences that are so unique to this beautiful city that visiting here any time of the year would definitely be worth it.

The locals are all very welcoming due to the fact that they are all very used to seeing tourists all the time. There are themed restaurants, karaoke places, amazing food all the time, party places, baseball sessions that never sleep, and many more such amazing attractions.

But at Christmas, this place just transforms to be an otherworldly experience for you. The end of the year is the most romantic season in the city. At night, the trees are all illuminated with beautiful psychedelic lights. And so many of Japan’s landscapes transform to be better suited for the night.

These stunning scenes warm any passerby’s heart. All the major urban hubs like the Tokyo Station, the Manchouri Area, Roppongi, Odaiba, and Harajuku’s Omotesando will be adorned for Christmas. 

The light displays and chances for amazing dinners afterward make this city the right place to be at, on Christmas. Can I also add that Tokyo becomes the number one place for the ultimate shopping experience during the Christmas holidays? Now you’re definitely considering this place to go for Christmas, aren’t you?

7. Inari Finland

Inari is a small little village in Finland. It’s the ideal place to delve right into their culture and experience the best of all they’ve got. The series of handicraft shops and different national parks make it even more of a perfect place to visit. It’s also the right place to enjoy various outdoor activities for all adventurers.

These activities include reindeer sleigh tours, river cruises, and ice fishing. They even have a proper bus route to take us to Rovaniemi, right where Santa Claus lives. Aha, you weren’t expecting that, were you? 

Inari is also the best place to see the Northern Lights. That would definitely make your Christmas an unforgettable experience. Those lights are the reason I know that the world has more to offer us than we have in our hands. A reason to be more grateful this Christmas holidays and to be more generous.

It’s also the right time to bond with your families. And the really amazing people in the village of Inari would make this visit even more special than it already was. A Christmas in Inari is definitely on my bucket list. 

8. Reykjavík, Iceland

Reykjavik is Iceland’s capital city with an amazing front in both cultures and designs. The terrific restaurants, shops bars, clubs, museums and all make this place ideal as a tourist destination. It’s also got lots of adventure tours for you.

Whether it’s a simple day tour or you’re spending a couple of nights in this art capital, the city is the perfect place to get acquainted with the many charms of this place. The nightlife here is pretty awesome too. 

But once again it is Christmas that makes this cozy close-knit city a magical place to be in, during this season. And here too, Christmas doesn’t just last for one day. It’s a celebration that lasts for 26 days. And Christmas holidays here are definitely gonna involve all the snow you want. 

(My dad tells me that as long as he doesn’t have to scrape the snow and ice of our car or clear our driveway from snow, he loves the snow too.)

Reykjavik is also another place in the world where you can spend your Christmas in the presence of the Northern Lights. You can carry out winter-related activities like glacier hiking and snowmobiling. You can visit their Christmas market and ride an Icelandic horse.

And on New Year’s Eve Reykjavik has an amazing firework display on for hours. The things you can do here are plenty and all in the spirit of Christmas, so this is the perfect place to add to your vacation list this Christmas holiday.

9. Bethlehem

Yes, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Now many would be thinking how this place came to be in a list of the best places to go for Christmas holidays. It seems like a holy place. Well, to be honest, yes it does seem like a holy place, but this is a place that expresses the true essence of Christmas.

Today, when people view this season as just another festive season, Bethlehem speaks about the nativity of Christ and the actual meaning of this festival. It holds proudly the traditions and the authenticity with which it performs the same. 

Church of the Nativity which is said to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ is the main sight in Bethlehem. Manger Square is the main hub in Bethlehem. Most of the restaurants, cafes, and stores are located in this square. Hikers can challenge themselves by hiking portions of the Nativity Trail.

This is said to be the exact trail Mary and Joseph (parents of Jesus) took from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Also, a lot of concerts and grand traditional customs also highlight this place to be one among the best to travel to during the Christmas holidays.

10. Barcelona Spain

For many like myself, Barcelona is the most favorite club in soccer. But this city on the coast of north-eastern Spain is more than just a favorite club. Barcelona is one of the few cities that spread a feeling of Christmas Romance. Many travelers visit this city in December as the season is very pleasant and welcoming. 

My personal suggestions in this city would be the travelers and tourist street called Las Ramblas, the Barceloneta beach and the food market in Barcelona called Mercat de la Boqueria. Christmas holidays for a lot of us are all about enjoying and partying, especially the last few days of the year.

The Placa Reial in the Gothic Quarter has a lot of bars and dance clubs. Jamboree is a jazz bar and hip-hop club, which you should visit if you want to hear some live music. There are also two Christmas markets known as Fira de Santa Llucia and Fira de Nadal.


As I had said at the starting of this post, we have visited many of the places in this list and it has presented to us some of the best memories we have had as travel lovers. Traveling during the Christmas season was always fun and too good to be true. The best trips we have had during these seasons were with our families together.

And as a travel lover, if you would ask me the best season to travel, I would say October to December for sure. Because hands down, this is the best season of the year. 

Christmas holidays were always a season of love, happiness, and gathering, making it the ideal season for travel lovers and wanderlusts. Because of this, we had developed an affinity for this season at a very young age itself. None of the places above are arranged in any sort of any ranking, all of them are amazing for memories and unique in their own ways.

Now if you have gone to any of these places that we’ve mentioned or if you know any more places, you’d like to recommend to us, feel free to tell us through email or the comment section below. We would love to interact and know more about you.