What are the Best Camping Hacks to learn today?

Best Camping Hacks to learn today

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Sitting around the warmth of a bonfire, talking about all the memories with the people we hold very close in life, camping is always something very joyous to think about. Some people who travel in groups even get to experience this with strangers and the bonds formed there, last a lifetime.

To have some camping hacks up your sleeve is always going to help not just you, but that whole group of yours. It is the evolved form of picnics to a place that is bound to give us adventures (yes this is exactly as it is written in books).

Now, all these fun, adventure, and beautiful memories are gained only if we are prepared for it. Preparing for camping is just as much fun as the whole camping itself.

A bit of efficient planning, a good spot, and a perfect day is all you need to be forever addicted to this activity. If you are a person who can plan well and ahead of time, camping would be a piece of cake for you. So we’re here to help you with some effective and proven tips to make this experience amazing for you all.

We have divided this whole blog into three parts: –

  1. The preparation
  2. Part 2 – Camping hacks after you reach your destination
  3. Part 3 – Your essential packing list.

1Camping hacks Part 1: Aka the preparation

Planning ahead of time and being ready for anything and everything is the first quality you need to have for camping. If you are going to seek an adventure, you better be prepared for it. So here are some effective camping hacks to help you handle the preparation for camping better.

  • Single-usage tubes of toothpaste: This is not only useful but also conservative. Cut large straws into small pieces so as to be able to store small amounts of toothpaste in them. This makes it perfect for single uses. I was just as amazed by it as you are right now when my mom suggested it to me for the first time. wouldn’t have thought of it. We tried it out the last time we went camping and guess what, it works!
  • Choose your pans carefully: I should have definitely learned this while I was in my Chemistry class but hey, knowledge gained is always important. You know those non-stick pans that make your life so much easier? Don’t bring them along while camping. They give off toxic chemicals when used over a fire. Not only does your food become unsavory, they put you in harm’s way.
  • Depend on solar energy: Now this would be one of the best tips that have worked out for us so well. Solar-powered lights, power banks, heater, stove, fans et cetera, are the best items to carry around when going camping. Not only do these not require electricity, it really gives us a sense of satisfaction too that we are depending on the environment’s energy and not wasting any resources. It is very efficient too.
  • Duct Tape: this is always going to be useful. As someone wise once said, “You can never have too much of duct tape.” You could either wrap it around some water bottles or fold the duct tape after removing the carboard inside, to free up some space.
  • Insect Repellant: You definitely need to get an insect repellent with you so as to keep those pesky mosquitoes and bugs, far away from your tent. They can even be a health risk in some areas which is why you absolutely need it.
  • Use Compression bags for storage: Compression bags are God’s gift to mankind. I mean, the idea of it is. These compression bags are the perfect way to increase storage without using any more space within your gear. You can pretty much put anything you want in them. It would help you separate you dirty clothes from your good ones. It can help you separate the dirty dishes from the good ones. (Though I do suggest that cleaning them, then and there, is the right way to go about it.)
  • Do not overpack: Sometimes, my biggest problem is the fact that when I’m packing, everything looks important to me. Everything has a definite use and I can certainly imagine a very plausible situation where I’ll need it. But I’ve learned that you definitely don’t need 10 varieties of spices to flavor your food at a campsite. In fact, I have prepared a small little packing list of essentials to aid you in your packing. You can find it at the end of the post. May the odds be ever in your favor.
  • Do a Trial Run: There are some important things that you can do at home before leaving. They aren’t necessary but it makes life a hell of a lot easier. Practice setting up a tent at home before you go. This would rule out any additional stress that comes in your path. Planning ahead for other things like meals would also be very useful.
  • Campfire: Before you leave, make sure you have the necessary tinder, kindling, and firewood. If you are traveling more than 50 miles, then do not bring the wood as it can lead to the campsites banning you. Have a fire starter with you always so as to use it in case you are unable to start a fire. If you do not know how to start a campfire, then do check this video out. Some natural fire starters would be, candles, priming paste, heat nuggets et cetera. Did you know that hand sanitizer can be used to start a good fire? Also, one fire starter that we always carry around with us in case of emergencies is the Pinemountain’s fire starter.
  • Cooler tips: Something else that’s we absolutely need on a camping trip is a cold cooler. So, to make it last longer, make sure you’re filling it up with a block or dry ice. Also, cool it for at least 24 hours before you add more ice and other contents. Try to make sure that while you’re out camping, you only open the cooler when you absolutely have to. By far, this cooler is the best one we have bought and it seems to be affordable as well.
  • Make sure you look at the weather forecast: Yup, the heading is pretty self-explanatory. There are lots of people who see a bright sunny day and set out on a camping trip. I actually love that kind of spontaneity, but we all have to keep in mind that it takes only a small shower to ruin our plans. So, check out the weather forecast for the day before setting out for an awesome day.
  • Car Pooling: If it’s a joint event for you and your many friends to go camping with your families, let me tell you this, Carpooling is a great idea. (If we’re talking about camper vans, do we say vanpooling?) Carpooling is nothing but sharing the car for the journey. This reduces the cost, fuel usage, and the stress of driving. Of course, it’s good for the environment. But it’s not just that. It becomes a chance for many of you to get even closer and build really good connections.
  • Foam Interlocking Floor Tiles: If you do go with those large tents because you prioritize your space a lot, an option to increase your comfort would be to use those colorful foam interlocking floor tiles as a tent floor.

2. Camping Hacks: Part 2

So you finally started your journey and you reached your planned destination. Our part 2 of the camping hacks shall cover the few things to keep in mind after you reach your destination.

  • Campsite evaluation: The first thing to do when you’re finally there is to make sure you are well aware of the campsite. You have to look at it from every aspect and double-check to make sure there’s nothing wrong. For example, a campsite under a good tree would be perfect and it would suit your needs of comfort perfectly. But if it turns out to be a dead tree… well, I needn’t say more, right?
  • Light sources: Okay I don’t know why or if it’s a common problem, but I love anything that gives off light. (Any non-living thing.) Like I used to love those shoes which light up and I used to love having mini-torches in my bedroom. I love night lights. I love those glow in the dark stickers. All of it makes the night so magical. Coming back to my point, you need good torches and you need extra batteries. Headlamps are good too.

As we mentioned before, solar lights are the most efficient ones when it comes to outdoor trips. Then again do carry some small torches and a good headlamp so as to meet the emergency (for example, if it is a rainy week).

Now this beautiful Led Camping Lantern is one of the best things we have bought to include in our camping gear. It is very affordable, small thus making it easy to pack and very bright too. It is not solar but it is rechargeable, so it is one of the lights that cover our emergency purposes as well.

  • Clothesline: One way to make use of that extra twine or rope lying around is by using it to make a clothesline. You can dry your clothes easily and you don’t even need extra equipment.
  • Retaining warmth at night: A classic but still effective technique to stay warm at night is to fill a water bottle with hot water and keep them in your sleeping bag a few minutes before you go to sleep. You stay warm and your bottle gets a nice home.
  • Water Purification: Purified water is of course a must. And our best way to do so is by boiling it. You could get a filter or add chlorine and/or iodine tablets, but I would opt for the natural way of boiling.

3. Camping Hacks :Your Essential Packing List for Camping

The Miscellaneous list:

  • Duct tape
  • Small broom or dustpan
  • Games/cards
  • Binoculars
  • Notebook and pen/pencil
  • Music player with headphones
  • Camera

So what do you think?

Camping really is something that you’ve got to try out at least once in a lifetime. Why miss a chance to sleep under the stars in total peace and sanctity or with someone you love?

We live in a world that’s so heavily dependent on electronics and we barely even get out anymore. Let’s not even take the quarantine and the pandemic into consideration. So, these little trips are what makes life worth living. Even if you have everything on this check list, you’ll still be roughing it up and enjoying Mother Nature’s beauty along the way. So, take this chance to live your life out a bit more.

If you’re a travel lover, you definitely know what I’m talking about.

Now if you have loved any of these camping hacks and tips that we’ve mentioned and have found them useful or if you know any more that you’d like to recommend to us, feel free to tell us through email or the comment section below. We would love to interact and know more about you.