6 Awesome Folding Stairs Ideas

Awesome Folding Stairs Ideas

Expand the living space of your spatially-challenged tiny home, RV, or garage by using a folding staircase. Just as its name suggests, it folds out of the way when not in use, making it the ideal solution when you don’t have enough space to install regular stairs.

Not to mention that this space-saving alternative also comes in various designs and colors, allowing it to add aesthetic value to your home.

From folding stairs that look like wall art to handy storage compartments and options that use sustainable materials, here is my list of favorite folding stairs manufacturers and DIY ideas for your next renovation project.

1. Klapster Folding Stairs

German design company raumvonwert created the Klapster, a pull-out staircase which looks like a cool piece of wall design when folded away. It’s an innovative combination of functionality and sophisticated design that can expand your living space.

The Klapster only protrudes about 3cm thick from the wall when folded. However, if you have the resources, you can also create a thin recess on the wall so that the stairs completely fold flat against the wall when put away.

What materials are used to build the Klapster?

High-quality multiplex birch is used to create the steps and side elements. For the other components, brass, spring steel or stainless steel are used.

Is it difficult to install the Klapster?

The Klapster has a modular design and comes with a detailed construction manual and an assembly video to help you out. You’ll receive it in the post as step and stringers elements which you only need to piece together like a puzzle. In fact, the company doesn’t do installations, that’s why the product is designed to be easy to install.

Depending on the variant of the Klapster, installation and mounting only takes about 2 to 4 hours. If you don’t have good DIY skills, you can ask your local carpenter to do the installation for you.

What options do I have with the Klapster?

The Klapster comes in three variants – Ultralight, Slim, and Comfort. Both the Slim and Ultralight are great for narrow installations thanks to their shallower step depth of 13cm and 10cm respectively. Meanwhile, the Comfort is your go-to if you’re looking for the variant with the highest load capacity.

As for aesthetics, you can choose from several coatings – natural, oiled, black HPL, and white HPL – and whatever design you want.

You also have the option of adding a modular handrail and self-adhesive anti-slip foil to make the Klapster more comfortable and safer to use.

Is the Klapster easy to fold and unfold?

The Klapster can be easily folded even for children and old people. In terms of effort required, the Ultralight and Comfort are equally easy to put away. The Slim requires the most effort to fold but should still be manageable for most people.

2. Eclettica Spiral Staircase

Created by Italian furniture company B PIÙ s.r.l., Eclettica is an innovative storage and space-saving staircase in one meticulously designed product. At first look, it’s nothing more than a giant tower of drawers. That is until it unfolds into what really is a state of the art spiral staircase at a touch of a button.

You can use the steps as storage compartments, bookcases, shoe racks, or even bottle holders. If you opt to go with compartment steps, the door can be done in different styles. Alternatively, if you prefer drawer steps, it will be done with runners and blocks.

The Eclettica also comes with an integrated rope handrail for safety when using the stairs.

Is the Eclettica folded manually or electrically?

The Eclettica can be folded either manually or electrically. This means that even if there’s no power, you can still use the spiral staircase when needed.

What is the ceiling height requirement of the Eclettica?

The Eclettica can adapt to different ceiling heights since it can be adjusted vertically. To secure the top part of the stairs, the landing is attached to the second floor.

How is the Eclettica installed?

Unlike the Klapster which has a modular design, the Eclettica’s characteristics make it extremely hard to put together at home. Hence, it will arrive at your home completely finished and ready to install.

What kinds of designs are available for the Eclettica?

The structure paneling can be done in different colors and printed pictures as well as in mirror and wood materials.

3. Bcompact Hybrid Stairs

The Bcompact Hybrid Stairs is Zev Bianchi’s space-saving solution for tiny homes. This lifesaver for spatially-challenged homes checks out when it comes to strength, sustainability, aesthetics, and flexibility.

Each piece of this patented staircase is reinforced by a metal folding mechanism so that it feels almost weightless during folding. It also comes with a patented automatic pop-up handrail. Then, you can choose from options like locks for fixing the stairs into position and a safety gate mechanism.

What material is the Bcompact made from?

The Bcompact is highly sustainable since it’s made from bamboo composite ply. This organic material is also lightweight, flexible, and extremely strong. The non-bamboo parts are either made from brass, stainless steel, or aluminum.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the Bcompact?

The safe working load of the Bcompact is 175 kg. However, a tensile strength test was recently done and it was found that each step can handle a weight of more than 1000 kg. Bamboo has greater tensile strength than steel and better anti-compression properties than concrete.

Is the Bcompact easy to install?

The Bcompact is easy to install since it is similar to the Klapster in terms of design. For lower freight costs, it can be shipped disassembled. A builder, carpenter, or any person with good DIY skills can then undertake the site fitting and installation without needing any special tools.

Does the Bcompact require a lot of strength to fold and unfold?

Since bamboo is a light material and the pieces are counterbalanced with a spring mechanism, the Bcompact requires little effort to unfurl. Even an elderly person or a child can do it. You can fold or unfold the staircase both from the ground and from the landing.

4. Production Drawing DIY Folding Stairs

If you are a DIYer who wants to make your folding stairs from scratch, you can check out Production Drawing’s video on how to make one. It comes complete with the materials and dimensions, assembly instructions, and even the modeling to help you understand how this folding staircase works.

5. Tiny House Folding Stairs

When Miranda Aisling decided to transform her 8’ x 20’ trailer into a tiny house, the Aubergine, she collaborated with designer Alex Jaynes to help her create space-saving pieces that will help her maximize her living area. One of these pieces is the folding stairs in the video below. It takes up very little space when unfurled and leads up to her cozy bedroom loft.

6. Tecrostar Folding Stairs

For those who prefer steel over wood, the Tecrostar Folding Stairs is for you. This material makes it very flexible since it can be installed in places where wood wouldn’t be a good pick.

Plus, this is a quite safe option thanks to the accessories and number of security features included. First, the folding system of the Tecrostar uses a hydraulic cylinder mechanism to make it safer to unfold and fold. Then, to prevent accidental falls, an automatic security system is used.

What options do I have with the Tecrostar?

The Tecrostar can be installed so that the wall is on the left or on the right. You also have two options for the stair inclination at 45º and 54º. As for the height, the Tecrostar is available in 7 heights above the beam with 160 cm and 233 cm being the minimum and maximum heights above the flooring board.

What accessories are available?

A handrail kit which can be installed to assist you when going up and down can be added on either side of the Tecrostar. For improved safety, you also have the option of sticking self-adhesive mats to the steps.

What materials are used to make the Tecrostar?

The Tecrostar is made using steel. This is then made beautiful by applying powder coating in the color of your choice.

Can the Tecrostar be installed outdoors?

Since the Tecrostar is made of steel, it can be installed outdoors as long as you carry out regular maintenance to ensure that it is in good working condition. What’s more, you can attach it to surfaces that aren’t manufactured by the company thanks to the versatile anchoring system available when installing it to the mezzanine.

Is the Tecrostar easy to install?

The Tecrostar kit includes everything you need to install it. This includes all the parts, assembly manual, and even a personalized phone call or email customer support to help you attach it to your home. Hence, it can be installed as long as you have basic DIY skills. 

Having a helper or getting a local carpenter to aid you with the installation can significantly speed up the process. Alternatively, you can ask Tecrostar to install it for you for a fee.