Worried About College? 13 Amazing Degrees For Travel Lovers

Amazing Degrees For Travel Lovers

Have you ever wondered what you’re gonna do for the rest of your life? As travel lovers, if you are reading this post right now and finding it hard to choose a path from the numerous degrees out there, well we are here to tell you that it is not so hard anymore in today’s world.

Do you have so many interests and desires which you don’t know how to bring together in a career? 

Everyone has heard of how time in school is the best part of childhood. Once we get out of high school, we’re no longer children. We are all young men and women, out to conquer the world.

However, in this pleasant school life, there is a small part towards the end, where we are asked to display our readiness for young adult life. Choosing where to go for college and what it is that you want to pursue.

Well, I went through this whole process once and I know firsthand that it is difficult as hell. Like I didn’t know how to combine these different interests into forming a life that would be perfect for me. And I have mentioned it a hundred times already (Yes, I know it’s getting old) but I wanted to be able to travel without much expense to me or my family.  

So now that I’ve found a few definite answers, I want to try and help all the travel lovers out there in finding a few college degrees.

1. The Education Department

So, a yearning to know has been one of the basic wants in every country since the dawn of time.

Taking a degree to educate, be it as a schoolteacher or a college professor, not only lets you explore your further options in this world, but also lets you do something so satisfying and fulfilling, for the betterment of this world.

It’s one of the most perfect degrees for travel lovers. You can take English classes almost in every part of the world. You could also take degrees that would teach you specific languages and you can go to those countries for further research or experience.

Linguistics is another degree you could take. In linguistics, you would study the formation and spoken form of languages. Once again, that would allow you to travel for further career purposes. 

Also, you could always choose another subject that you’re passionate about and choose to teach in that.

2. Business

Business or other related fields like marketing, accounts, or finance is definitely a major with benefits. As a Business Management major, your classes would involve an introduction to critical business principles, managerial behavior, statistics, and human resource administration.

There are endless possibilities of what you could do with these degrees from running businesses to providing financial advice to becoming accountants. The range of careers, stemming from this degree, provides a lot of flexibility than others. You could start your own business or provide other services to other companies that would allow you to travel more. 

There’s also the option of following a marketing line of education. Since most of these jobs can be carried out online now, it lets you travel while you work remotely. Almost every business needs digital communication and other means of social media to promote their business.

You can help different companies market their products and services in countries that you want to travel to. You could also join companies that have branches in different companies. The possibilities are endless.

3. Technology-Based Degrees

Another one of the degrees for all travel lovers would include anything involving technology. This would be fit for you if you’ve always been a techjunkie. You could go in-depth about computer science or learn the basics of programming.

Whatever it is that you choose, you could decide to work remotely, or you could choose to be employed by businesses that have branches in or are based in different countries

Another techie degree for all travel lovers out there could involve graphic designing. This is for all of those who employ their creative sides more. The market has become greatly saturated but that’s no obstruction to people who are determined to do their best and succeed.

4. Photography or Photojournalism

This has got to be one of the best degrees you could get as a travel lover. You can choose what you want to take photos of and what kind of photography you want to get into.

From wedding shoots to wildlife photography, there’s a whole array of options you can choose from. 

And if you love to write, photojournalism is a great option too. Journalism may be too saturated and exploited now. But people always need great photos of events and other people. Plus, there’s always that sense of excitement and thrill when you are doing something as amazing as this. You never lose the touch of traveling either.

5. International Management

Earning a degree in international management will allow you to support Multinational Companies run their businesses. You would be able to travel to these different countries yourself. It wouldn’t be enough that you’re a simple business major because the knowledge and skills you need would far exceed those of business majors.

You would need to know about all the different business-related regulations within different countries. Another thing you would need to educate yourself about is the local culture in different countries. You would also need to be able to follow through efficiently with many financial matters

6. International Affairs (or Global Science)

This is a career path that you can take after high school which would enable you to deal with the different social and financial affairs in different countries. Each International Affairs major has a choice on the courses they undertake.

It’s a degree that would comprise many social studies courses like political science and environmental studies which would help you become more aware of social issues. It’s definitely one of the best degrees for travel lovers.

You can specialize after earning your degree too. You can start focusing on an issue that you’re really concerned about. Another thing you could do is work for both Multinational Companies and/or social organizations. Basically, any organization that has ties in different parts of the world.  

7. Medical Degrees

Yes, that probably came out as a surprise to you. (Wait, did it, or am I just throwing false assumptions at you?) I’m not talking about just doctors though. I’m talking about any degree involved in the medical field. Nurses, physician assistants, doctors, anyone.

There are always travel programs for those in the medical field. One such example is the Doctors Without Borders program which is an international organization that provides medical assistance wherever needed.

And these are meant for those among us who are willing to travel a lot for those in need. You would need to be respectful and inclusive of everyone you meet.

The ranges of salary for traveling medical professionals aren’t quite so fixed but it’s surely an enriching experience.

You naturally learn to be more flexible, more adaptable and you become good leaders. Once you get jobs, you would also be trained by the organization you work for in the required language and skills for a particular country.

In my personal opinion, this is the best among all the degrees for travel lovers. Ask me why. No wait, I’m gonna tell you anyway. I’m attempting this one, right now. Yup. It’s kind of like the perfect combination of all my childhood dreams.

8. Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering is one of the branches of engineering that apply the principles of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry to develop answers to environmental challenges.

They try to solve problems that have long been a challenge to humanity by trying to enhance recycling, public health, waste disposal, and water and air pollution control

So, these are for all my nature lover readers. All of us are very aware of the dangers we’re facing by leaving mother nature to slowly depreciate. But there are only some among us who care enough to make a change. A degree in environmental engineering would enable you to travel extensively, to plants or worksites here and abroad

9. Biology

Majors in Biology have a wide array of options to choose from. Yes, many major in biology to go to medical school. But a major in biology by itself is a free ticket to travel.

It’s one of the best degrees for travel lovers. Biotechnology, in particular, is becoming very popular. It allows biologists to travel to seek inspiration (and plant and animal samples) for new technology.

They also join research teams with other worldwide engineers and experts

They can also choose to go for specific branches such as geoscience and marine biology. (There was a time that I wanted to become a marine biologist, but I stopped once I realized that they had to know to swim.)

Geoscientists try to find minerals and natural resources by traveling to suspected ore locations. Marine biologists travel extensively too. It’s all underwater adventures and that’s just plain cool, honestly. If you want to go further and become a marine scientist, you will also need to take a degree in oceanography.

10. Archaeology

Archaeologists study about actions of humans in the past by excavating places and understanding more about historical sites and objects in detail. They usually have to follow building projects and save archaeological objects before they get demolished.

So most of them have to travel extensively to various places. They also have to travel for conducting surveys, excavations, and laboratory analyses. If you’ve always wanted to discover places and uncover old but hidden secrets of great civilizations (as well as those of not great ones), this would be the right career for you.

An interest in history and buildings would be the finalizing factor. Even for entry-level archaeological jobs, you need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in anthropology.

You can choose to take a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science degree in anthropology. That would depend mostly on your interests. Taking a bachelor of arts would allow you to concentrate more on the subject itself and it would let you focus more on the cultures, the artistic side(, the almost romantic side) of the subject.

Taking a bachelor of science would allow you to focus more on the technical aspects of what you will be doing as well as the scientific approaches to the course. Anthropology, as a course, lets you learn more about history, societies, and cultures.

Anthropology gives you more field-specific knowledge but it’s not reduced to just that. They improve your research skills, critical thinking skills, and communication skills. They also do wonders for your writing.

11. Airline Industry

So another direction, when searching among degrees for travel lovers, is towards the airline industry. Everyone has dreamt of flying at least once. I am one of those people who have dreamt of it ever since I could dream. So wouldn’t it be great to be the one who controls the whole flying experience, fulfilling the dreams of that many people, by one gesture of your hand?

Or is the one who serves other people, warming their long flights with just a smile and a friendly demeanor? Let’s not forget the added bonus of getting to travel when you want and where you want. (Isn’t that sort of amazing?)

There are different jobs in the airline industry that would enable you to travel. And despite the name of the industry, there is also an ample number of jobs in the airline industry which would give you a 9-5 whitecollar job. Now we’re trying to concentrate more on the ones that would allow us to travel despite however fulfilling the other option may be.

If it has always been your dream to be a pilot and control an entire aircraft, an aviation operations degree prepares you for just that. (Also you get to fly everywhere you want to.) The degree would consist of a general education course.

It would also teach you more about aviation safety, physical factors that affected during flight, aircraft and navigation systems, aerodynamics, and air traffic control. Flight attendants require a minimum of a high school diploma, but chances of securing employment are increased with a bachelor’s degree in tourism, communications, or hospitality.

There’s more about this degree coming right up.

12. Museum Curation

Another career option for all those travel lovers out there could be museum curation. Yes, museum curation.

Curators in large institutions may travel a lot to examine potential additions to collections, arrange displays, and run research.

Curators also work with the public. Plus, many curators work with a museum’s management and are responsible for overseeing the museum works.

bachelor’s degree in art, history, archeology, museum studies or a related field is the minimum education requirement for museum curators. Obviously, applicants who have a master’s degree and/or 4-5 years of work experience, are preferred. (A PhD helps you in furthering your chances of promotion.)

13. Travel Services, Hospitality, and Travel

Now, this probably should have been at the top. Yeah, but I guess I just like to do things unconventionally. A Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management would allow you to take charge of the management, plan the revenue and funds of the facility, and allow you to treat your customers to the best possible.

On receiving this degree, you have a variety of options such as careers in travel and tourism management and the corporate sector of travel.

And it’s not just that the concept of travel is a part of everything you do, you also get to travel to different places for your work. You could become a travel guide, work in travel agencies, and coordinate transportation.

Final Thoughts

Choose a job you like and you will not have to work any day


Life is not about existing. It’s about being able to live fully each day. As long as you’re doing something you love, you’re never going to work a single day. But if you cannot choose a career path that calls to your true nature, there eventually comes a point where you have to go to work.

So I’m hoping that our little list helps you achieve that and has at least provided you with some insight, if not much, about what college degree you need to pursue. Also, if you feel to study any travel and tourism-related course to shaping your career in the path you want, check out our post on the 7 best travel and tourism courses for you.

If you love this post and find it helpful, let us know in the comment section below. If you have found another interesting degree that has helped you fulfilled your travel dreams, be sure to tell us all about it. We would love to interact and know more about you. Also, feel free to go ahead and explore our blog to find some more tips and advice for travelers.